Records I Like Mix December 2019

This months bumper mix is dominated by shoegaze and dreampop with some indiepop and jangle pop thrown in for good measure. It features tracks released in the past month or so. Enjoy!

Full Tracklisting:

Terry vs. Tori – Keepsake Box

The band have now added synthesizers into the mix which has added yet another layer of vibrancy to their sound.

The Giraffe Told Me In My Dream – Relapse

Suffice to say my ears were ringing after taking the headphones off after listening to this one!

Fog – Fictitious Fiction Fictitious

Sod looking at your shoes and, with this track on, glance skywards instead and you may catch a starburst which sums this song up in a nutshell (or perhaps a nebula)…..

Night Hikes – Belltown (Single Version)

There is a real sense of story telling here as the very strong vocals take centre stage leaving the guitars and synths to shimmer in the background whilst the drums keep the song on track.

iris – Clementine

Clementine is a track that gives you everything you could possibly want from a shoegazing track from the gleaming guitars, telling words and the emotive vocals.

The Epigones – First Sunday of Your Vacation

Just check these songs out and the way the guitars jangle themselves senseless on First Sunday of Your Vacation is particularity astounding to these ears.

Fresh – Cinema Woes

It’s short, sharp pop-punk tune with an energetic burst despite the anxiety behind the words.

TARA – Letting Go (Full Version)

Shimmering guitars and intangible vocals are the order of the day as the song twists and turns.

Mons Regalis – Lo Que Pasó

….but what I do hear is an alternative/indie song that has some fine guitar riffs, catchy vocals, a bit of distortion and some noise.

Rei Clone – Heaven Is Eternity

However on this, their latest single, the band have clearly moved into the ethereal side of things.

Ducks Unlimited – Get Bleak

The title track of the debut EP which is out now.

Lemondaze – Neon Ballroom

There is more than a nod to the shoegazers of years past but there are also elements of those bands who followed prior to the Britpop explosion.

Lorelei – Skylight

…. Skylight which is a gleaming dream pop track that sparkles thanks to the guitars and Claudia Schmidt’s lovely voice.

Say Sue Me – Your Book

It’s a melodic track that is slow burning only being interrupted by a frantic burst of guitars before pausing and returning on it’s path.

Bug Bites – Oh Well

If the guitars were not catchy enough the voice of Daniela Hernandez will make this an addictive listen.

Spearmint – St Thomas In The Darkness

Taken from the new album Are You From The Future? which is out now via Hitback Records.

Fragile Animals – Waiting

Blending melodic guitars, patterned drums, catchy vocals and dejected lyrics this track reminds me of The HeartThrobs in their heyday .

Jetstream Pony – I Close My Eyes

The new single out now!

All Romantic Days – She Says

The expected female vocals appear on She Says with the voice and jangling guitars giving the song a vintage feel.

No Middle Name – Meet the Folks Part 1

…retro sounding indiepop telling the tale of meeting the other half’s parents, delusions, fallout and the inevitable break up.

Filles Europees – Júlia Aguilar

A track taken from their debut and self titled EP which is out now.

Asimov – Tara

What follows is a blend of post-rock and shoegaze whilst the blissful female vocals catch the ear.

Marcos Y Molduras – Te Puedes Morir

When the lyrics are translated it hints at darker thoughts as behind the smiling facade the subject matters lover can die if her feelings are not reciprocated.

Lebend – Hologram

It’s a luscious, sweeping track that invokes the images of wide open spaces, landscapes and blissful surroundings.

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