All Romantic Days – May I Waste Your Time

Chengdu based All Romantic Days feature members of shoegazing band Sound and Fury. However what we hear on this, their debut EP, is not the shoegazing sound one would expect but four pretty good indiepop tracks instead.

The EP opens with Sleepwear which wrong footed me with the male lead vocals. Personally I prefer a female voice when the songs err on the twee side of things but this is a good track that reminds me of Brazilian indiepop band Pale Sunday.

The expected female vocals appear on She Says with the voice and jangling guitars giving the song a vintage feel. This is most certainly true on In Your Court which is one of those slowed down indiepop/twee gentle songs that were the rage back in the day.

More retro sounds emerge on the closer Seven Days To Ask in which the shared boy/girl vocals work to great effect. The guitars on this one are great and they jangle their way into your heart just as this whole EP does. Where as indiepop has been all but extinct in the UK these past few years thankfully bands from the far east and Asia reminds us all that genre is far from dead. A fantastic EP.

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