Holiday Tuneage!

It’s going to be a bit silent around here for the next couple of weeks whilst I am away but that doesn’t mean that there will be nothing left to listen too judging by this round up post which features some music I have meaning to mention separately but time etc. First up is The Death of Pop with their new single Bubble Bath that features four excellent indie pop tracks. Not much progression from their previous work but if it ain’t broke………………. The excellent The Choo Choo Trains, who describe themselves as playing “girl-guide Shoegaze”, have a new cassette … Continue reading Holiday Tuneage!

Girl One and The Grease Guns – The Shatterproof Man

Girl One and The Grease Guns have released their seventh and final 7″ single via Squirrel Records (who also are sadly shutting down). The band may well release music in the future but not in 7″ vinyl format. As for this release The Shatterproof Man carries on in the same vein as previous singles being an energetic and elaborate electronic based pop song which deserves to be kept spinning. The flip side A Steel Cat In A Glass Jar is a different kettle of fish entirely being an experimental track sounding like a mix between industrial music and a film … Continue reading Girl One and The Grease Guns – The Shatterproof Man

Multiple Man – Guilt Culture

Back in the day when shambling bands were the rage I also enjoyed listening to Industrial/Electronic Body Music and the gloomier the better. Guilt Culture by Multiple Man reminds me of that time. It’s very gothic with a hint of what sounds like Asian influences in the synths towards the end. If you like bands like A Split Second this will be right up your street. Out now on Detonic Recordings Facebook Soundcloud Continue reading Multiple Man – Guilt Culture