Defender Waves – The Caroline Phase

Defender Waves is the project of the same individual behind Dallas Tears. Whereas the latter has been described as “lo-fi bedroom shoegaze” this EP is pure electronica. It’s A Starry Night, Sunrise Girl is laid back techno soul whilst the title track gets brings up imaginary of space and the odd robot or two. Shoulders Of Helen is pure vintage minimal/coldwave with sampled voices initially over a repetitive beat before it gets a coat or two of shimmering electronica. Summarising The Caroline Phase is an EP chockfull of succulent keyboards and drum machines. Get it from here. Soundcloud Continue reading Defender Waves – The Caroline Phase

The Post (Punk) Ear Infection Catch Up Post #3

Quite a lot of post-punk has been bookmarked this year without too much of a mention on these pages. Time to rectify that. Das Funus come from one of my favourite cities (Prague) and they released two tracks in February. These are their first recordings for a few years. The band’s sound is darkwave with an epic Gothic tinge. Bože Odpověz errs on the edge of midnight whilst the slower paced Staré Domy highlights the female vocals which I am always a sucker for. Stream and/or buy from here. Brussels’ (yep another fave) based Ultra Sunn aim for the post-punk … Continue reading The Post (Punk) Ear Infection Catch Up Post #3

Face Myself – A (Bonus!) Post-Punk Mix

Well that was a few enjoyable days in Budapest and this mix was on my player during the trip. Why another post-punk mix so soon you ask? Whilst putting together the Silent & Alone mix I had a number of tracks that did not fit in that mix, were left over or, in the case of one or two, forgotten. So, primarily for my commute, I put together another mix and thought I would share the end results as I think it works really well. Anyway enjoy! Full Tracklisting: Human Program – Bacteria Sounding like long lost outtakes from the … Continue reading Face Myself – A (Bonus!) Post-Punk Mix

Silent & Alone – A Post-Punk Mix

It’s been at least a month or so since the last post-punk mix and in that time there have been plenty of excellent singles and a few albums. Primarily a coldwave mix there is more than enough to keep you entertained whilst I am away for a few days in Budapest as it mixes the gloom merchants with those who want to dance in the dark. Alternative stream at hearthis. Full Track Listing: Molchat Doma – Zvezdy Quite a lot post-punk is aimed at the dancefloors these days and Zvezdy is no exception. See ya down there! Spheres – Leere … Continue reading Silent & Alone – A Post-Punk Mix

Dark Embrace Me – A Post-Punk Mix

A post-punk mix featuring some of my most listened too post-punk tracks from the past few months. It primarily covers gothic rock and coldwave but also includes some other nuggets in between. Alternative stream at Fall Tracklisting: Automatic – Calling It Calling It has thumping bass dominated groove with single tone, almost spoken, vocals that herald the arrival of the unclear synth sound. New Today – Snatch Taken from the recent New Today EP. Magnified Desire – Dead Flowers Australians Magnified Desire deliver two excellent synth-pop tracks that hark back to the early 1980s. The haunted, echoing vocals are … Continue reading Dark Embrace Me – A Post-Punk Mix

Records I Like Podcast December – Best of 2018

55 tracks in my best of this year. Were they the best tracks in 2018? For me yes as they gave me plenty of plays, thoughts, meaning and enjoyment. Looking at the 55 choices my tastes have certainly changed this year. I have listened to Techno a lot more this year. Almost as much since I started listening to it 25 years plus ago and I was amazed that artists from then are still making some amazing tunes. Coldwave influenced post-punk gets stronger or maybe it’s because I am listening to and discovering more. Epic Shoegaze has also featured highly … Continue reading Records I Like Podcast December – Best of 2018