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Sua – You Don’t Care

Basque Country based Sua impressed on their last single Hormak Apurtzea and they raise the barrier even higher on new single You Don’t Care. It’s epic, driving stuff as the 1990’s inspired indie rock guitars come out blazing whilst the vocals are fierce and determined despite the miserableness of the words. Like Agent Bla, Sua … Continue reading

Post Punk Tuesday

A quartet of post-punk tunes with some nice video accompaniment on the side! True Faith – Feel The follow up to the True Faith’s self-titled debut EP has been out since last month. Feel is an addictive listen with enough synth hooks to catch a shoal of fish as the song blends synthpop and goth … Continue reading

Adiós Cometa – Norte

I enjoyed the shimmering dreampop/shoegaze sound found on Costa Rican band Adiós Cometa’s debut single Franco. Thankfully new song Norte continues in the same vein being a vibrant indiepop/dream pop hybrid. The guitars glistens whilst the deceptively catchy vocals sing of a love that cannot happen with the protagonist giving the reasons why. Norte can … Continue reading

Corolla – Psychic Girlfriend

There is more of a 1960s vibe on the new single from Chicago’s Corolla compared to the 1980s sound found on the previous single Forget This Song. There are plenty of hooks and vibes throughout both tracks here and I am thinking it’s a bit like The Smithereens meets The Shins. There is more of … Continue reading

Prepare My Glider – She Flows On

Canadian band Prepare My Glider manage to deliver another EP of bedazzling shoegaze on their latest release. The instrumental opener Lucid is just that whilst the title track mixes ethereal sounds with ambient and a range of sounds that catch your ear throughout not too dissimilar to Seefeel. The way the vocals are interspersed throughout … Continue reading

The Sea At Midnight – Afterglow

It’s the mid-1980’s in The Sea At Midnight’s World. Musically sounding like New Order drafting Robert Smith into their line up to replace Barney on guitar whilst drawing in some goth rock influences around both words and vocals this Los Angeles based act have made another accessible and enjoyable track. Post-punk with a poppy and … Continue reading

Nevver – Nada Me Importa

Elefant Records connected a previous release of Nevvers to Felt’s Primitive Painters. For the blurb surrounding Nada Me Importa (Nothing Matters) the label connects them, when mentioning the track’s melody, to the likes of The Cure and New Order. I cannot hear the former but there is certainly more than a hint of the latter’s … Continue reading

The Wake – Hammer Hall

American post-punk outfit The Wake are set to release their first album in twenty-five years on October 30th 2020. Titled Perfumes and Fripperies it features ten tracks and will be released via Blaylox Records on CD and digital formats. The album is preceded with the track Hammer Hall which sounds like it was recorded over … Continue reading

Star Party – Demo 2000

Star Party were formed earlier this year to play “misty coastal rock music” which are their words, not mine. That description should be expanded to include C86 fuzz, punk attitude and garage pop because that’s what we have on this demo which features two original songs (I think) and two covers. The former consists of … Continue reading

Here’s The Thing…………………..

There was a raft of releases towards the end of last week. So much so that I thought another Bandcamp Friday was upon us judging by the number of emails in my inbox. So rather than write a post for each (I did say I wasn’t going to review anymore didn’t I haha) I thought … Continue reading

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