A Night At The Culture Bunker #1

I forgot to post this mix here which I did to celebrate the now-defunct club night I jointly ran/deejayed. Enjoy! Full Tracklisting: Altered Images – Leave Me Alone (Cassette Single) Theatre Of Hate – Legion Echo & The Bunnymen – Clay Buzzcocks – I Look Alone Cocteau Twins – Those Eyes, That Mouth The Slits – New Town (Peel Session) The Smiths – What Difference Does It Make? Wah! – Seven Minutes To Midnight [Joy Division version] The Undertones – She’s A Run Around New Order – Leave Me Alone Orange Juice – Flesh Of My Flesh (7-Inch Version) Siouxsie … Continue reading A Night At The Culture Bunker #1

Lizzy & The Fanatics – Perfect World

Lizzy & The Fanatics hail from Montreal, Canda and feature Lysanne Picard, Denise Trimm and Amélie Laplante. Their new EP features the two recent singles Middle Child and Far Away alongside four new tracks. The sound on the EP is a mix of DIY pop and dream pop with luscious synths for support. They are also bilingual and it’s one of the songs sung in their native French, Les Fleurs Mortes, that is the EP highlight for me. They also launched the EP this past weekend playing “intimate versions” of the songs that appear on the EP. The Perfect World … Continue reading Lizzy & The Fanatics – Perfect World

808 DOT POP – Incandescent

808 DOT POP is the side project of Passenger S from Belgian band Metroland. The new single Incandescent comes in three flavours as 2 digital EPs and one 7″ single. Incandescent is vintage sounding electronic music for fans of Kraftwerk, Telex and the like. Incandescent (Platinum) Available digitally from Alfa Matrix Incandescent (Tantalum) Available on 7″ vinyl from the artist. Incandescent (Chromium) Available digitally from Alfa Matrix Further Listening Check out the debut album The Colour Temperature and the three part Blackbodies single (Radiation – Pulsation – Variation) Facebook Continue reading 808 DOT POP – Incandescent

Angvstia Pop – Amor y Ansiedad

Angvstia Pop are a new band from González Catán, Argentina. It seems they formed as a result of the lockdown and the two members have been in other bands such as Pelopincho who have been featured on these pages before. Taking their influences from the likes of Beat Happening, Julie Ruin and The Cannanes the band have just released their debut mini-lp. Amor y Ansiedad (Love and Anxiety) consists of eight short twee-pop songs that are driven by synths and programming. The translated album title tells the subject of the songs much better than I could but, regardless of the … Continue reading Angvstia Pop – Amor y Ansiedad

яблоня – перекресток

There are some lovely sounds on the new single from Moscow’s яблоня (Apple Tree). Where as previous single еврокафе demonstrated that it was a fine example of coldwave inspired post-punk перекресток on the other hand is pure synth pop. Part New Order, part Saint Etienne and lots of parts whistling it’s the band’s poppiest moment to date. However when translated, the lyrics suggests it is about a one night stand with the protagonist suffering from regret or pausing for reflection. Either way I don’t think I am going to stop whistling for sometime yet. vk.com Continue reading яблоня – перекресток

Post-Punk Sunday

The new single from Cold Cave is a cover of Absolute Body Control‘s Waving Hands. It stays faithful to the original although sounding darker and denser. Get it from here whilst the original version is available here. Warsaw Pact have released an album of demos called, erm Demos (2016-2109). The release includes two previously unheard demos in the shape of Made by Design & Discshop Inquisition. Maybe it’s one for the fans who are familiar with the originals but given it’s available on a pay what you want basis it’s also a good introduction to the band. Midnight Cure always … Continue reading Post-Punk Sunday