Permafrost – Restore Us

Norwegians Permafrost were originally formed back in 1982 by Frode Heggdal Larsen and Kåre Steinsbun, releasing their debut Godtment EP in 1983. The band did not release anything else until 2019’s self titled EP after they were joined by Robert Heggdal, Trond Tornes and Daryl Bamonte. Restore Us is the band’s third single this year despite the intervening years the band’s quintessentially post-punk sound remains. Despite the classic sound on their singles this year the band are adventurous enough to seek remixers for their works and Restore Us features mixes from MAPS and Paul Corkett. The former adds some lovely … Continue reading Permafrost – Restore Us

Melenas – Osa Polar

Spanish band Melenas have just released their cover of Eisbear which was originally released in 1981 by Swiss post-punk band Grauzone. It’s a valiant effort as the original track is a revered classic. Hopefully it will introduce Grauzone to a new audience and maybe voice versa! Incidentally Grauzone’s self-titled debut saw a 40th-anniversary release earlier this year. And here is the original Facebook Continue reading Melenas – Osa Polar