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Cover Me…..

Weathering release their new single Chimera next month. Whilst it is not yet available for streaming the flip side, which is a cover of Depeche Mode’s Blue Dress is. I am not that familiar with the original but, after playing them both back to back, the cover wins for me. The guitars and the voice … Continue reading

Defender Waves – The Caroline Phase

Defender Waves is the project of the same individual behind Dallas Tears. Whereas the latter has been described as “lo-fi bedroom shoegaze” this EP is pure electronica. It’s A Starry Night, Sunrise Girl is laid back techno soul whilst the title track gets brings up imaginary of space and the odd robot or two. Shoulders … Continue reading

Something For The Weekend? Three, Maybe Four, From Bruxelles

Continuing my recent exploration of music released in the past three months tagged as Brussels or Bruxelles on Bandcamp. Route 77 – Route 77 Post-punk yesterday and some punk today in the shape of this self titled effort from Route 77. There are seven songs with the longest rolling in at 01:52 which may give … Continue reading

Records I Like Podcast December – Best of 2018

55 tracks in my best of this year. Were they the best tracks in 2018? For me yes as they gave me plenty of plays, thoughts, meaning and enjoyment. Looking at the 55 choices my tastes have certainly changed this year. I have listened to Techno a lot more this year. Almost as much since … Continue reading

Larry Jefferson – Space Missions Are Lame Now E​.​P & When That Day Comes EP.

Some electronica today. The new EP from Larry Jefferson reminds me of the likes of Biosphere, Pete Namlook and those ambient compilations Apollo and Positiva used to put out. Blissful stuff. Get it digitally via his bandcamp page. EDIT: It seems there is another EP out this time on 1-2-3 Recordings. It features the excellent … Continue reading

Larry Jefferson – Solution

I have mentioned Larry Jefferson before and was well impressed on his Detroit inspired techno/acid house tunes. He has now posted the opening track from the forthcoming album Space Missions Are Lame Now which has been sadly delayed. Solution is another fine piece of acid house. Note that his first album Journey is still available … Continue reading

Jozef K + Winter Son – The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back EP

Nope not that Josef K if you have given this post title a second glance. This Jozef K is a resident DJ at Sankey’s in Manchester whilst Winter Son is Thomas Ragsdale from Ghosting Season. This is excellent techno with more than a dash of melancholy. Out now on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth label. … Continue reading

Larry Jefferson – Taking From Detroit

Aside from post punk & indiepop I am a big fan of acid house and techno especially artists/tracks that originate or are inspired by Detroit. His surname may suggest he comes from another US city but Larry Jefferson hails from Yorkshire. These tracks here on the other hand are firmly entrenched in Michigan. A cassette … Continue reading

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