Techno & Electronica Mix Q3/2021

Another round up for all things electronica released between July & September with the odd exception. I must admit whether it’s my ears or age the pounding techno I used to enjoy is finding less and less favour.

Instead I am erring towards the more melodic stuff such as electro with the odd indie dance track (no, not the stuff us old gits used to enjoy years ago) thrown in for good measure. That said Techno God Robert Hood will always get a listen regardless. Don’t expect seamless mixing but do expect some great tunes. Enjoy!

Full Track Listing:

Biesmans – Cold Void
Andy Bros – Colors In Outer Space
Rosenna Samson – Waves
Visionnaire – The Dirty Drive
Silicodisco – System Things
Alphonse – Fanatic
Dachshund, Paul Eg, Sascha Dive – Move Around The Dial (Sascha Dive Remix)
Der Dritte Raum – Mekanikmuzik Tempo
Lyric – Not Enough
Dr Tintin – Thor
Gilles Wasserman – Leichter Sonntag
Cignol – Darya Message (Original Mix)
Robert Hood – Chroma Light
Plant43 – Flickering Neon
Zobol – Acidotic Waters

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