True Faith – As Much Nothing As Possible

If I said to you describe what you think post-punk sounds like I bet pretty much that the description would be similar to the music True Faith have delivered on their debut (mini?) album As Much Nothing As Possible. Slow brooding bass riffs with a nod to Peter Hook supplemented by bursts of atmospheric synths complete with gloomy words and dark vocals. Er yeah, that … Continue reading True Faith – As Much Nothing As Possible

Toska Po Domu – Okurki/Myasnaya Lavka

Toska Po Domu (Homesickness) is the side project of Konstantin Ostrovsky who also records as Kondratie. Whereas the latter is synthpop as dark as it can be the music here is vintage-sounding coldwave. The two tracks contained within are not long but they pack in plenty of synth-based earworms alongside the moody vocals that lurk in the shadows. If you are a fan of minimal … Continue reading Toska Po Domu – Okurki/Myasnaya Lavka

Post Punk Tuesday

Suffering For Kisses – Change Tony D’Oporto aka Suffering For Kisses has always had a deadpan vocal style to run alongside his blend of moody inspired darkwave beats. But on Change he turns in his best vocal effort to date sounding something like Johnny Cash fronting a post-punk band. This is good, really good. Facebook The Harrow – Beyond Stars The Harrow return with a … Continue reading Post Punk Tuesday

Post Punk Tuesday

Today’s post concentrates on compilations that will give you an instant post-punk collection and a playlist for a very dark and happy new year! Zeitgeist Vol. 15 Cold Transmission’s regular series is always an essential listen (and purchase) for the post-punk fan. Coming hot on the heels of Volume 14 the latest selection contains a preview of the forthcoming album from Gray Gallows alongside tracks … Continue reading Post Punk Tuesday

A Monday Trio

Three very different acts for today’s Trio…… Suffering For Kisses – Innocence It’s Christmas so this dose of post-punk miserablism is just the tonic. Tony D’Oporto words and deadpan vocals work well against the harmonic synths whilst the guitars add another atmospheric layer. On the “flip” we get a remix of September’s Ashes single courtesy of Assemblage 23 who add some deeper, dancefloor orientated beats … Continue reading A Monday Trio

Really Really

So it’s another Saturday after a Bandcamp Friday post so here is a 10 track “mixtape” of some of the tunes I picked up featuring indiepop, post-punk, synthpop, krautrock and garage. I picked up plenty more, so much so that PayPal thought they were fraudulent transactions. Unless they were trying to be arbiters of taste of course………… Side A Lost Tapes – The Attraction Of … Continue reading Really Really


Another round-up of post-punk, synth-pop and goth-rock via a YouTube playlist. Maybe I should have kept some of these tracks back for the end of the month and for the Halloween kitchen/living room dancefloors! BlakLight – Unknown Love (Facebook – Buy) Sara Stuttgart – Женщина в Колодце (Facebook – Buy) undertheskin – End This Summer (Facebook – Buy) The Last Passenger – If It Was … Continue reading Pandemia


I don’t think my love of all things post-punk is shared by many who visit these pages so if you do this mix, rounding up post-punk purchases from the past couple of months and not featured elsewhere on the blog, is for you. 10 tracks of coldwave, darkwave, synth-pop and goth-tinged rock to get stuck into. Even on a Sunday. Factice Factory – Weimar (Facebook … Continue reading Isolation…..