Luby Sparks – Somewhere (Robin Guthrie Remix)

I must admit that the original version of Somewhere by Tokyo based Luby Sparks, which was released last month, did not do much for these ears. However I noticed it now has been given a make over by the Cocteau Twins Robin Guthrie so I delved in. Guthrie reduces the epic guitar sound of the original, concentrating on the vocals turning the song to into a blissful, ethereal classic. Dreampop? You bet! Facebook Continue reading Luby Sparks – Somewhere (Robin Guthrie Remix)

Chasms – Shadow (Public Memory Thundershower Dub)

The opening track from the recent The Mirage album gets an even “dubbier makeover”. There were plenty of parts in the original that were ripe for remixing and the Public Memory Thundershower Dub brings those elements right out of their shell with the vocals sounding more pronounced alongside the enhanced, heavier percussion. Nicely done! The original version: Facebook Continue reading Chasms – Shadow (Public Memory Thundershower Dub)

Haiku Salut – The More And Moreness

I cannot say Haiku Salut have ever rocked my world despite their impressive lamp show. The More And Moreness was a recent single and one I have recently discovered. And it’s ace, sounding like a cross between the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and New Order 1982/83. And if that isn’t enough there is also a rather spiffing remix by long term collaborator Thomas Ragsdale (Winter Son/Ghosting Season) which can be found on the Occupy single the band released earlier this year. The More And Moreness is taken from the album There Is No Elsewhere. I may have to dig deeper! Facebook Continue reading Haiku Salut – The More And Moreness

Records I Like Top 10 2015

2015 was the year I listened to the shoegaze and post punk revivalists in earnest. Club AC30 and Manic Depression Records both deserve a mention alongside the usual cohorts of Dufflecoat Records and Oddbox Records who delivered their signature brand of indiepop, diy and noise pop. I also started listening to full albums again with efforts from The Chills, Beirut and Robert Forster being high on the recommended list. I am still catching up with my backlog though and being heavily played these past few weeks are the likes of Appendixes and Tomiji. So without further ado here is my … Continue reading Records I Like Top 10 2015

Star Horse – Slower Now (Remixes)

I mentioned Star Horse and their excellent Slower Now single last month. It’s now had the remix treatment courtesy of Thunberg and LTZA. Both mixes concentrate on the vocals which stood out on the original and highlight them to great effect. The former is upbeat, almost dancey in places but it’s the latter remix I prefer which drifts in and out of ambient/film score territory resulting in a dreamy and atmospheric feel.  Neither are better than the original though so give that a listen first. Facebook Continue reading Star Horse – Slower Now (Remixes)