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Resplandor – Adore

I don’t really need to describe the new single from Dutch band Resplandor for you seeing as it’s been mixed and produced by The Cocteau Twins Robin Guthrie so, if you are a fan of his work both as a mixer and musician, then you will know what to expect. Suffice to say there are … Continue reading

Aiko El Grupo – Quiero Conocer (Por Tu Actitud)

The new track from Aiko El Grupo has been taken from their forthcoming debut full-length release Va Totalmente En Serio… which will be released in December 2020 as a 10″ vinyl mini-album. Like their previous effort Truchita (Nunca Volveré​!​!​!​!​) it’s female-fronted fuzzy noise pop with plenty of punk rock attitude. It’s out now digitally via … Continue reading

Records I Like Mix October 2020

Another busy month in the land of Bandcamp. The latest mix sees epic shoegaze, alt-rock, dreampop and indiepop collide to great effect if I do say so myself. Please use the search function to find out more and if you can support the artists in this mix. Especially on Bandcamp Friday. Feedback of the non-musical … Continue reading

Hamburger – Supersad

Bristol’s Hamburger release their debut EP Teenage Terrified via Specialist Subject Records in December. Supersad is the first track we get to hear and it’s a slice of miserableness with words to empathize with and a tune to bounce around too. That may be contradictory but that’s pop music for you whether it’s happy or … Continue reading

Flowers – Erik

Yay! Flowers are back with their first single for over three years. I am not sure how many songs about have wayward pet hamsters have previously featured on this blog (I could take a guess!) but that’s what the new single Erik is about. It’s a short and sweet track that plays down the fuzzier … Continue reading

According to What – A Time You Felt Insecure Around All Your Friends

Wisconsin based According to What, who impressed on their debut EP Punk Songs To Hold Hands To, have just released their debut album. Titled A Time You Felt Insecure Around All Your Friends it’s chock full punk-pop tracks that gave my ageing headphones a bit of a hiding. Songs like Mona Lisa, Reason/Squalor and White … Continue reading

The Sensitive/To Die – Split

The new release from Jakarta based Let’s Kiss a Secret is a split release from The Sensitive and To Die. The former has been mentioned previously on this blog and the post-punk influences found on earlier works have been replaced with a heavy Sarah Records influence. A bit of Field Mice, a bit of Another … Continue reading

Sua – You Don’t Care

Basque Country based Sua impressed on their last single Hormak Apurtzea and they raise the barrier even higher on new single You Don’t Care. It’s epic, driving stuff as the 1990’s inspired indie rock guitars come out blazing whilst the vocals are fierce and determined despite the miserableness of the words. Like Agent Bla, Sua … Continue reading

Nevver – Nada Me Importa

Elefant Records connected a previous release of Nevvers to Felt’s Primitive Painters. For the blurb surrounding Nada Me Importa (Nothing Matters) the label connects them, when mentioning the track’s melody, to the likes of The Cure and New Order. I cannot hear the former but there is certainly more than a hint of the latter’s … Continue reading

Star Party – Demo 2000

Star Party were formed earlier this year to play “misty coastal rock music” which are their words, not mine. That description should be expanded to include C86 fuzz, punk attitude and garage pop because that’s what we have on this demo which features two original songs (I think) and two covers. The former consists of … Continue reading

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