BoxCat – Something

I posted about Boxcat’s debut single this time last year so it’s good to return to this Cardiff based band and their brand of punk rock a year later via their new EP Something. The aforementioned single was riot grrrl inspired but on the opening tracks here the band seem to have migrated over to a full on pop-punk sound. Not that is a bad thing as Ghost and Anti-Social Gathering demonstrate as the fuzzy guitars team up well with the joint female/male vocal passages. Got Money? with the opening reggae infused beats which gives way to power-pop guitars reminds me … Continue reading BoxCat – Something

Blussh – Shut Up Becky!

The debut EP from Brisbane’s Blussh is a fast-paced, grunge and riot grrrl influenced EP. It’s not for the faint of heart as they come at you in droves with noisy and shouty tunes about sad girls, mental health and erm, a big dong – they are not short on humor and put-downs either. Not sure who Becky is but she had better shut up whilst I give this punk-pop frenzy another spin. That said it’s so loud I doubt I could hear her! Homepage Continue reading Blussh – Shut Up Becky!