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Something For The Weekend – Three Punk/Post Punk Bands From Berlin

It’s a beautiful lockdown sunny bank holiday here in the UK as we commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. Given that reactionary politicians at home and abroad seem to peddle the same fascist policies as the people my grandfather and his generation fought against one wonders if lessons will ever be learnt. Anyway onto … Continue reading

Ataxie – Demo

I don’t really write about or mention punk enough on these pages. But, this EP from German band Ataxie featuring three demos and one live track, will rectify that. Opener Jesus Christus is an addictive listen due to the voice of singer Lena. Angst, as the title suggests, is in your face whilst Einbetoniert again … Continue reading

Cosmit – Cosmit

Bristol’s Cosmit write that their brand of “High octane, scrappy brand of garage punk” is “inspired by Northern Soul, Motown and 1960’s pop groups”. With that description one really has to dive in and I cannot say I am disappointed. More punk-pop than garage, the band blast their way through the three songs on this, … Continue reading

Midweek Three Pack….

Brewing Company – I Can’t Swim The nicely named Brewing Company are an indiepop/indie rock band from New York and I Can’t Swim is the follow up to 2018s debut Flight Night. I found the EP to be a diverse listen. Opener Reception has a strong tweepop influence whilst the title track is a full … Continue reading

Midweek Catch Up

Australian indiepop outfit Egoism have a new single out. Titled You You it’s about “someone in my life causing me a lot of pain and I wrote this when I was finally trying to get away”. Despite the pain it’s catchy and, empathy aside, I wish some break ups in my life had been as … Continue reading

BoxCat – Something

I posted about Boxcat’s debut single this time last year so it’s good to return to this Cardiff based band and their brand of punk rock a year later via their new EP Something. The aforementioned single was riot grrrl inspired but on the opening tracks here the band seem to have migrated over to a … Continue reading

Blussh – Shut Up Becky!

The debut EP from Brisbane’s Blussh is a fast-paced, grunge and riot grrrl influenced EP. It’s not for the faint of heart as they come at you in droves with noisy and shouty tunes about sad girls, mental health and erm, a big dong – they are not short on humor and put-downs either. Not … Continue reading

The Gory Alices – Swimsuit Aliens

The Gory Alices describes themselves as “a horror punk and surf rock band”. Despite only forming earlier this year Swimsuit Aliens is their second EP and leads on from their debut, the 21st Century Cosmic Freak Show EP. Their music is, and you will not be surprised given their description, is a mix of rock … Continue reading

Behind Thin Walls – First Riot EP

Originally released in July the debut EP from Polish Punks Behind Thin Walls gets another airing courtesy of Turkish label Kafadan Kontak. I have heard a few catchy punk tunes over the past couple of two years but Bottles could be the catchiest one yet as the band, who sing in English, chant the song’s … Continue reading

Layuchi Kvity – Белый порошок

Белый порошок (White Powder) is the second single to be taken from the forthcoming new album by Layuchi Kvity. Where as previous single >Девушка Которую Зовут Тишина (Girl Named Silence) was an excellent spin on shoegazing Белый порошок is a blast mixing noise pop, alt-rock and punk. No idea what they are singing about (and … Continue reading

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