A Monday Trio

Three very different acts for today’s Trio…… Suffering For Kisses – Innocence It’s Christmas so this dose of post-punk miserablism is just the tonic. Tony D’Oporto words and deadpan vocals work well against the harmonic synths whilst the guitars add another atmospheric layer. On the “flip” we get a remix of September’s Ashes single courtesy of Assemblage 23 who add some deeper, dancefloor orientated beats … Continue reading A Monday Trio

Ramonescore Radio presents​.​.​. What the fuck is Twee?

Ramonescore Radio presents​.​.​. What the fuck is Twee? is a compilation rounding up what the label says are the best twee bands. To be honest Noise Pop would be a more accurate description and the compilation features bands that have been previously championed on these pages including The Leave Me Alones, Las Margaritas and My Light Shines For You to name but a few. There … Continue reading Ramonescore Radio presents​.​.​. What the fuck is Twee?

Aiko El Grupo – Va Totalmente en Serio​.​.​.

Spanish punk-pop band Aiko El Grupo will be releasing a mini-album via the Elefant Records New Adventures In Pop imprint on December 11th 2020. Titled Va Totalmente en Serio​.​.​. it features 10 tracks (er is a 10 track release really a mini-album?) including the recent singles Truchita (nunca volveré!!!!) and Quiero conocer (por tu actitud). Based on the crowd in the video for the former … Continue reading Aiko El Grupo – Va Totalmente en Serio​.​.​.

Something For The Weekend – Three Punk/Post Punk Bands From Berlin

It’s a beautiful lockdown sunny bank holiday here in the UK as we commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. Given that reactionary politicians at home and abroad seem to peddle the same fascist policies as the people my grandfather and his generation fought against one wonders if lessons will ever be learnt. Anyway onto the music and this weekends pack of three concentrates on … Continue reading Something For The Weekend – Three Punk/Post Punk Bands From Berlin

Ataxie – Demo

I don’t really write about or mention punk enough on these pages. But, this EP from German band Ataxie featuring three demos and one live track, will rectify that. Opener Jesus Christus is an addictive listen due to the voice of singer Lena. Angst, as the title suggests, is in your face whilst Einbetoniert again draws the listener in thanks to the guitars those vocals … Continue reading Ataxie – Demo

Midweek Three Pack….

Brewing Company – I Can’t Swim The nicely named Brewing Company are an indiepop/indie rock band from New York and I Can’t Swim is the follow up to 2018s debut Flight Night. I found the EP to be a diverse listen. Opener Reception has a strong tweepop influence whilst the title track is a full on alt-pop song. They get all fuzzy and grungy on … Continue reading Midweek Three Pack….

Midweek Catch Up

Australian indiepop outfit Egoism have a new single out. Titled You You it’s about “someone in my life causing me a lot of pain and I wrote this when I was finally trying to get away”. Despite the pain it’s catchy and, empathy aside, I wish some break ups in my life had been as tuneful as this. Get it from here. Bedroom Poppers Wake … Continue reading Midweek Catch Up