Something For The Weekend? Three From Howlin’ Banana Records

This weeks pack of three features three releases from French label Howlin’ Banana Records. Cloud Factory – Cloud Factory #1 Cloud Factory are a Pop/Post punk band hailing from Toulouse. They consist of Alice (keyboard/vocals, Ben (bass), Bruno (drums), Robin (guitar) and Romain (guitar). This self titled EP is their debut release.  The music is mainly inspired by garage rock but there other influences such as indie pop and a punk attitude also running through. The sound has a fuzziness about it and the female vocals stand out too. A pretty good debut methinks. Cloud Factory #1 is available on … Continue reading Something For The Weekend? Three From Howlin’ Banana Records

Fascinations Grand Chorus – Wherever You Go

The other afternoon I was listening to some early Comet Gain, their offshoot band Velocette and the long-forgotten Kicker liking the way each of those bands blended a heady mix of Northern Soul and the 1960’s girl-groups/Phil Spector sound. Who does that these days I thought? And then, through the letterbox (well email), popped the latest release from New Jersey’s Fascinations Grand Chorus which does precisely that on Wherever You Go. To the dancefloor that’s where….. Facebook Continue reading Fascinations Grand Chorus – Wherever You Go

Hey Elbow – Nurture​/​Aptitude

There are a few bands that operate outside imposed boundaries and constraints – self or otherwise. Of the top of my head, bands such as Haiku Salut, The Leaf Library and more recently Dummy fall into that group. I can now add Swedish band Hey Elbow into that mix. Late to the party as ever as the band have been going for a few years now I have been exposed to them via their new single Nurture​/​Aptitude. The band combine ambient, experimental and pop to mould a novel and, at times, unique sound. The vocals are woven like thread during … Continue reading Hey Elbow – Nurture​/​Aptitude

The Wednesday Mix

The Yearning has gone all ABBA on us as the new single Only When I’m Dancing demonstrates. The flip side Moonlight Fantasy errs on the side of disco. It all brings up images of wide lapels, flares, tassels, sparkling dresses and glitter balls. It’s very nice and fun too – check out the video. I wonder if they will move onto the 1980s next? When I’m Dancing is out now in digital formats via Elefant Records. Atlanta’s Bathe Alone has released six tracks since last September with new track In Deep being the latest. It’s an indie-rock track that tells … Continue reading The Wednesday Mix

Pale Skies – Larung Memori

Pale Skies, who hail from Tangerang (Indonesia), cheekily tagged themselves in a twitter thread I had going on the recent Bandcamp Friday. Normally I ignore unsolicited contact but in this case I was intrigued enough to give them a listen*. Before I go on I had better set the scene because I am currently revisiting David Toop (ex Flying Lizards) and Virgin’s Ocean Of Sound series which was released in the 1990s. It covered a historical survey of ambient music as well as other aspects such as vocals and structures. Why do I mention this? Well, should decide to Virgin … Continue reading Pale Skies – Larung Memori

Something For The Weekend? Three Liked By Others

This week’s pack of three are acts who have appeared more than once on another blog, mix, Bandcamp feed or podcast that I follow. Pizza Daddy – Too Many Boyfriends Thankfully Too Many Boyfriends is a far better song than the name of this project, which is comprised of members from the band BOYs, suggests. The track itself is dreamy indie with a catchy chorus. A fine pop song indeed. Free Ice Cream – Free Ice Cream Talking about pop music Atlanta’s Free Ice Cream have got lo-fi indiepop down to a tee. Catchy and witty songs, regardless whether they … Continue reading Something For The Weekend? Three Liked By Others

Baby Blue – Care Comp.

Baby Blue is a label based in New York. I discovered this three-track EP, with contributions from acts from that city, whilst searching for Miserable Chillers following their appearance on the recent Join A Comp! release. They open this EP with Little House, which sounds like a song the Penguin Cafe Orchestra could have made if they were a twee pop band. Nuns Honey is a new name on me and I enjoyed the bedroom indiepop that their contribution Up Down delivered. Catchy vocals too. The final track by Monekybars started off as a laid back synthpop track before morphing … Continue reading Baby Blue – Care Comp.

Eterna Joventut – Vuelve Junto a Mí

Vuelve Junto a Mí (Come Back to Me) is an indiepop track by Barcelona based Eterna Joventut. It’s inspired by the 1960’s, reverb & surf pop and is ultimately a tale of woe as the songs protagonist cannot work out why their lover has left them despite the kisses they gave. The band, who comprise of Júlia & Asier, write that Vuelve Junto a Mí is the first of several they have recorded during “these rare days”. Based on this one I cannot wait to hear the others. Continue reading Eterna Joventut – Vuelve Junto a Mí

Records I Like Mix May 2020

The latest mix featuring tracks released in the past month or so. Enjoy! Tracklisting: Die Zärtlichkeit – Chaos That track, titled Chaos, opens the EP and it’s a vintage sounding indie/jangle pop song which gets things off to a fine start. No Suits in Miami – What We Have Strong female vocals soar above the guitars which, depending on your viewpoint, are either influenced by 1981 Glasgow or 1988 Bristol. Dreams of Empire – Broken Keys I am not sure if I have ever heard a song that references both the Sparks and Plastic Bertrand before but Broken Dreams does … Continue reading Records I Like Mix May 2020