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A Trio of Albums

The Wellington – Playmaker Indonesian band The Wellington have just released their new (debut?) album. Titled Playmaker it features nine tracks including the singles Lost In Cario and It’s So Fine. The band’s sound embraces indiepop, shoegaze and dreampop. It’s early days but Burned is the standout track for me at present. Playmaker is out … Continue reading

I Have Had Worst Starts To A Week……

Kindsight – Terminal Daze Danish band Kindsight are the first band from outside of Sweden to sign for that Rama Lama Records label. Given that the retro indiepop sound on new single Terminal Daze echoes to Labrador Records and early Cardigans that should come as no surprise. All they need now is a post-covid dancefloor … Continue reading

Records I Like Mix October 2020

Another busy month in the land of Bandcamp. The latest mix sees epic shoegaze, alt-rock, dreampop and indiepop collide to great effect if I do say so myself. Please use the search function to find out more and if you can support the artists in this mix. Especially on Bandcamp Friday. Feedback of the non-musical … Continue reading

The Thursday Quartet

Family Mart – Starlite Texans Family Mart follow up their addictive My Anarcha​-​Feminist Crush single with a new song Starlite. The track encompasses a clash of styles from range from New Order style guitar to C86 indiepop. Now that truly is a post-punk record! Facebook The Reds, Pinks & Purples – Don’t Come Home Too … Continue reading

Flowerbed – Everything

Quick on the heels of their split single with Heavytrip Flowerbed have released a new song in the shape of Everything. I am wondering if it is the bands Halloween effort given the song is about “the night skeletons came to life”. Mind you I am sure the skeletons will have stopped in their tracks … Continue reading

How I Feel…………………

Another Bandcamp Friday with way too many purchases to write about. So here is another one of those Youtube playlist “thingies” that went down pretty well the first time around covering ten new single/EP track releases. Enjoy! Dreams of Empire – Hidden Girl (Facebook – Buy) Whimsical – Take All Of Me (Facebook – Buy) … Continue reading

Adiós Cometa – Norte

I enjoyed the shimmering dreampop/shoegaze sound found on Costa Rican band Adiós Cometa’s debut single Franco. Thankfully new song Norte continues in the same vein being a vibrant indiepop/dream pop hybrid. The guitars glistens whilst the deceptively catchy vocals sing of a love that cannot happen with the protagonist giving the reasons why. Norte can … Continue reading

Prepare My Glider – She Flows On

Canadian band Prepare My Glider manage to deliver another EP of bedazzling shoegaze on their latest release. The instrumental opener Lucid is just that whilst the title track mixes ethereal sounds with ambient and a range of sounds that catch your ear throughout not too dissimilar to Seefeel. The way the vocals are interspersed throughout … Continue reading

Here’s The Thing…………………..

There was a raft of releases towards the end of last week. So much so that I thought another Bandcamp Friday was upon us judging by the number of emails in my inbox. So rather than write a post for each (I did say I wasn’t going to review anymore didn’t I haha) I thought … Continue reading

Terry vs. Tori – Magic Hour

When it finally lands I predict that the debut album from Sevilla’s Terry vs. Tori is going to be one of the best debut albums you, I and everyone to the moon and back will have ever heard based on the quality and strength on their singles released to date. Blurring the lines between indie … Continue reading

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