Recommended Releases 16/05/2022

Continuing the series of posting albums and/or EPs as and when they are released (or usually a bit after!) as a follow up to the initial new tracks/singles posts posted on this blog. Sample the release via the You Tube track then dive in to the full release.

Say Sue Me – The last Thing Left

(Around You) “It’s quite simply the band’s “poppiest” moment to date despite the melancholy tale being told in the song as the protagonist yearns for something better outside the confines of their room.”

To Dream initially veers towards the bands earlier shoegaze inspired tracks before crossing over into post rock territory. They still throw in a few surf rock chords which has been an essential part of their sound for a while now.”

The last Thing Left is out now on Damnably Records.


Buddhist Bubblegum – Dreaming of the Desert

“Taken from the forthcoming Dreaming of The Desert album Paper Ridges is a mix between fuzzy and jangle pop with a hefty dose of 1960s pop influences.”

(Merry-Go-Round) “Ljubljana’s Buddhist Bubblegum sound very much like the La’s on the second single to be taken from forthcoming album Dreaming of The Desert. Very 1960s inspired ”

Dreaming of The Desert is a split release with Wiggly. If you want the full release via Cavern Brew Records head here. For just the Buddhist Bubblegum tracks take this route.


Nectar – No Shadow

(Ponytail) “It’s a slow building alt-rock/indie rock track with 1990 influences such as The Breeders or Throwing Muses. The female vocals are powerfully sung as the guitars come to life.”

No Shadow is out now on Lauren Records.


Otoboke Beaver – Super Champon

Pardon? is the latest single to be taken from the album and encapsulates everything that is good about the band. Sharp lyrics, noisy guitars and a fine sense of humour all come together on this punk/riot grrrl cross.”

Super Champon is out now in CD and digital formats. Vinyl copies are delayed. Order/Pre-Order from Damnably Records.


Slow Glows – But What Do I Know

“Titled Sigh it is a dreamy, spacey shoegaze track with plenty of psychedelic overtones. One for gazing at the stars – or staring at the artwork to work out what you can see! ”

But What Do I Know is out now via Rose Higg Records.


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