Phantom Handshakes – Cricket Songs

As mentioned previously Phantom Handshakes release their debut album next month. Titled No More Summer Songs it will be released via Z Tapes. The band have released a new video for one of the tracks on the album called Cricket Songs. Like it’s predecessor No Better Plan it’s a dreamy indiepop affair with hazily sung words whilst the instruments towards the end of the song are some of the lovliest sounds I have heard this year. No More Summer Songs can be pre-ordered from Z-Tapes in cassette and digital formats. Facebook Continue reading Phantom Handshakes – Cricket Songs

The Umbrella Puzzles – Do What You Can

Is it me or is Ryan Marquez a very busy fella or what? It only seems like the other day I mentioned Apple Orchard’s A Slow Dissolve and now he is back with a new single under his solo project, The Umbrella Puzzles. And that’s not mentioning his recent cover of Luna’s Anesthesia either. Using my headphones “for optimum listening pleasure” as Marquez advises Do What You Can is a tuneful jangling song that draws its inspiration from his obvious love of the 1960s alongside 1980s indie and crafted guitar pop. I really like the vocals and words on this … Continue reading The Umbrella Puzzles – Do What You Can