The Umbrella Puzzles – Do What You Can

Is it me or is Ryan Marquez a very busy fella or what? It only seems like the other day I mentioned Apple Orchard’s A Slow Dissolve and now he is back with a new single under his solo project, The Umbrella Puzzles. And that’s not mentioning his recent cover of Luna’s Anesthesia either. Using my headphones “for optimum listening pleasure” as Marquez advises Do What You Can is a tuneful jangling song that draws its inspiration from his obvious love of the 1960s alongside 1980s indie and crafted guitar pop. I really like the vocals and words on this … Continue reading The Umbrella Puzzles – Do What You Can

Angvstia Pop – Amor y Ansiedad

Angvstia Pop are a new band from González Catán, Argentina. It seems they formed as a result of the lockdown and the two members have been in other bands such as Pelopincho who have been featured on these pages before. Taking their influences from the likes of Beat Happening, Julie Ruin and The Cannanes the band have just released their debut mini-lp. Amor y Ansiedad (Love and Anxiety) consists of eight short twee-pop songs that are driven by synths and programming. The translated album title tells the subject of the songs much better than I could but, regardless of the … Continue reading Angvstia Pop – Amor y Ansiedad

Baby Blue – Care Comp.

Baby Blue is a label based in New York. I discovered this three-track EP, with contributions from acts from that city, whilst searching for Miserable Chillers following their appearance on the recent Join A Comp! release. They open this EP with Little House, which sounds like a song the Penguin Cafe Orchestra could have made if they were a twee pop band. Nuns Honey is a new name on me and I enjoyed the bedroom indiepop that their contribution Up Down delivered. Catchy vocals too. The final track by Monekybars started off as a laid back synthpop track before morphing … Continue reading Baby Blue – Care Comp.

Various Artists – Shelter 2 (Sunday Records)

Sunday Records have released a second volume of songs as “a (another!) special treat for our fans during the coronavirus isolation”. Once again the compilation features tracks collated from acts on the labels roster. The Proctors open with Only Stupid, a track that started life in the early 1990’s before Japanese Heart Software give us For Another Day which originally appeared on last years Lonely Hearts EP. That release did not grab me then but after hearing this again I may need a revisit. Compilations eh? Kosmonaut deliver an acoustic version of Silver Star before LIPS treat us once more … Continue reading Various Artists – Shelter 2 (Sunday Records)

Everyday is Like Sunday

Texan shoegazers Eternal Something follow up last years Realm​//​Zone EP with new track Seagoats. It’s another one of those shoegaze tracks that are inspired by poetic imagination and my mind wandered vividly as it played. I could listen to ethereal tracks like this all day long – well until the cow’s Seagoats come home. Brighton’s Dreams Of Empire have released their first new material since last years Nothing’s Ever Finished debut album. I am not sure if I have ever heard a song that references both the Sparks and Plastic Bertrand before but Broken Dreams does just that as it tells … Continue reading Everyday is Like Sunday

Pash – Demonstration

Pash are a new band from down under, Sydney to be precise. The band centre around Jemimah and Jackson although the line up increases when they record or play live. Demonstration is their first release and their lo-fi, sometime shambling, indiepop is a delight. The label mention that “they could maybe be compared to Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Talulah Gosh” but I can hear influences earlier than that, especially those artists that bridged the gap between post-punk and indiepop. Amongst their peers I would say The Jeanines would be a good shout. Both tracks here have the same … Continue reading Pash – Demonstration

Huan Huan – I’d Better Be on Time

The new single from Taiwan’s Huan Huan is somewhat different from their last single Charlie. I described that one as an instant shoegaze classic but that description is in complete contrast to I’d Better Be on Time which is a gentle, folk-ish tinged ballad. The band write that they are “hoping to comfort hearts filled with anger, disappointments, happiness and sadness in every normal days.” Whilst it’s relaxing enough I am not sure the band are playing to their strengths. Time will tell but for now, lie down, close your eyes and drift off….. Facebook Continue reading Huan Huan – I’d Better Be on Time

Wake In June – Crush These Bars & More

It’s been a busy few days on Bandcamp for Wake In June who are currently in lockdown in their native Padua. First up is the new single Crush These Bars which jangles around the confused words. You can get this one from here. Next up is their contribution to the Z Tapes compilation Hope For European Bedrooms which is a fundraiser for, as the name suggests European based bedroom pop artists. The track is called Same Fear and I like the programming and the shimmering sounds on this one especially as the song reaches it’s conclusion. Hope For European Bedrooms … Continue reading Wake In June – Crush These Bars & More