Fine. – Fine

Fine., who consist of Alice Kat and Liam James Marsh, have been recording together since 2017. This new double CD (now sold out but still available digitally) consists of last April’s excellent I’m Glad It’s Over Now album with the likes of 2023 and Little Voices still shining 12 months on. I previously described the former as “a lively affair which set the benchmark for UK indiepop (in 2021)” and the former as “indiepop that sees hopes and fears collide”.

On the second CD the pair select fifteen tracks taken from their previous singles and EP’s. These tracks include two from 2020’s Lying Alone EP. I forgot how good Whisper To The World is. Other highlights include How I Feel Now and 2018’s I Could Go Up (And Never Come Down).

Note that Kat and Marsh are both solo artists in their own right but when they come together under the Fine. name they do produce something very special indeed. If you are new to this project then this is a fine (excuse the pun) place to start as any!

This eponymous release is out now via Subjangle – you really need to subscribe to their mailing list if you don’t want to miss out on physical copies of their releases. However it’s still available digitally.

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