Various Artists – All Girl Super Fun Compilation

Sometimes I am just in the mood for three chords coupled with some noise and this compilation, featuring female led bands, currently fit’s the bill. The album gets off to a rip-roaring start with the Japanese punk band Floppy-Pinkies with Thank You For The World which is the title track from their 2018 EP. Staying in Japan Kung-Fu Girl deliver a noisy take on indiepop with their a track from their debut release earlier this year in the shape of Rabuka.

The good stuff keeps coming with the garage sounds of Janelles with their contribution Ranço and the surf-punk of Hayley and The Crushers reminds me of b-movie soundtracks. The cartoon punk of Sex Dream, who also delivered on Ramonescore’s previous compilation, get’s the feet tapping whilst Italy’s The Beatersband deliver a slice of blitzkreig bop with My Mother Play’s Rock N Roll.

Sadly before you know it Toronto’s The Sluggs are closing the proceedings with last years single Adulting. As is the usual case with compilations there are a few tracks that don’t fit with my ears. Maybe the right track wasn’t chosen to lure me in and I have bookmarked the bands to see (hear!) what I can find. After all discovery is the point of compilations, no?

All Girl Super Fun Compilation is out now in CD and digital formats.


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