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Flowerbed/Heavytrip – Split

Texas based Flowerbed are back with two new tracks on a release they share with labelmate’s Heavytrip. The first of the two new songs Pyrite is a dose of shimmering and poppy dreampop. The band’s sound gets slightly heavier at first on Selenite but it soon settles down and glides along somewhat majestically. My only … Continue reading

Sleep Overload – Close Your Eyes and Relax

Sakhalin Oblast based Sleep Overload certainly go for the therapeutic in their song titles! This new track starts off like Seefeel’s post-rock/dreampop bridging sound and adds some dancey beats into the mix. At points, it sounds like an indie dance mix of a shoegaze band. There are some strange and lovely sounds here whilst even … Continue reading

Something For The Weekend? Three New Albums

A belated pack of three this weekend highlighting three new album releases. Moscow based Neonic Sundrive have just released their debut album. Titled Lies Paradise it features 10 tracks including the two recent lead singles Taste Your Lips and Collapsed Stars. The band’s sound is a mix of shoegaze and psychedelic rock with the odd … Continue reading

Silent Run – Side A [EP]

Russian band Silent Run hail from the city of Nizhny Novgorod and Side A features the first part of a live session that the band recorded last year. They make a blend of music that mixes alt-rock, post-rock and shoegaze. As it is recorded live some of their songs come over as loud and raw … Continue reading

Seeing Off 2019

I intended to post a bit more last month but a long Christmas break with a very poor internet connection put paid to that so today’s post rounds up some of the outstanding releases that I wanted to mention remaining on my list. Será Más Fácil/La Inseguridad is the third and final chapter of Spanish … Continue reading

Intermere – Reflection

Intermere is the project of Andrew Craig from Dreams of Empire and they describe their music as “immersive slowdown shoegaze”. I quite like the sound of the guitars on this one. They make for a slow deep sound and whilst listening, you get more than a hint of psychedelia running through the song. The accompanying … Continue reading

Something For The Weekend? Three From My Bandcamp Feed

This weeks pack of three feature three bands from this weeks Bandcamp feed! The Giraffe Told Me In My Dream – Slowfall Epic and noisy shoegaze from Taiwan. Slowfall contains colliding guitars and synths with the ethereal female vocals providing a welcome distraction. It’s you want some pointers think early Pinkshinyultrablast. Suffice to say my … Continue reading

Lebend – Hologram

Spanish band Lebend follow up last May’s excellent By Your Side single with the cinematic sounding Hologram. It’s a luscious, sweeping track that invokes the images of wide open spaces, landscapes and blissful surroundings. And that is not just the cover! Let your imagination run riot….. Facebook

Post Punk Tuesday

Human Program – Moons At The Gate Minimal synths crossed with some Peter Hook style bass riffs opens this EP in the shape of V1. Sounding like long lost outtakes from the mixing desk of Martin Hannett it’s hard to shake the sound of Joy Division’s producer, and said band, from this EP. But that’s … Continue reading

ищейка – Я опять не могу уснуть

The latest release on Pow! Pop Kids is the debut EP, roughly translated as I Can’t Sleep Again by Isheika, who are based in Saint Petersburg. It was self released digitally by the band back in January but now gets a cassette release via the Ufa based label. It’s a strange one and contains blend … Continue reading

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