Small Talk….

The Age of Colored Lizards – Sirens

I am not sure if I said it before but at times Norwegians The Age of Colored Lizards sound like their fellow Scandinavians, the Swedish outfit Easy. So much so that new track Sirens could well be a long lost outake from 1990’s Magic Seed thanks to its blend of indiepop, psychedelia and indie rock. it manages to hold the listeners attention thanks to the guitars that makes images emerge in front of your eyes coupled with some fine, and strong, vocal delivery.


Hause Plants – Small Talk

Small Talk is the third single to be lifted from the forthcoming EP Sleeping With Weird People which is out later this month via the much revered Spirit Goth Records. Not sure that many singles are needed to be lifted from an EP to be honest but at least we get to hear this angst ridden indie rock track sooner rather than later. Plenty of hooks whether musical or lyrics wise to pull you in for a listen.


Overly – Effortless

Effortless is the debut single from the Portland based Overly. It’s an expansive dreampop track that merges fluently with post-rock. Imagine a cross between Slowdive and Mogwai if you will. The vocals stay faded in the background which gives them a sense of attraction when they finally can be heard above the noisy but sometimes chilled musical accompaniments. Let’s hope the benchmark has not been set a tad too high with this one.


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