Something For The Weekend? Three Completely Different Tracks

This weeks pack of three includes three tracks from genres not generally associated with this blog.

Dense & Pika – Oxbow

Back in the day (very far back considering it was the early 1990s!) I was a massive fan (er still am) of Progressive House and tracks from the likes of Leftfield, Spooky etc. This track by Dense & Pika takes me back to those days with its intricate rhythms and beats. It’s backed with a remix by the legend that is Ron Trent who gives us an elegant take on the original.

Oxbow is out now on Kneaded Pains. An album titled Colour Burn follows later this month.

Nilotika Cultural Ensemble – Ejokawulidaby

Two tracks from the Bugandan percussion band Nilotika Cultural Ensemble who feature seven drummers. It’s repetitive but powerful. Ejokawulida is based on rhythms of Iteso traditional music from the eastern part of Uganda whilst Kekusimbe is inspired by a variant of Bugandan traditional music called Bakisiimb. It’s an astonishing listen. Bang those drums!

Ejokawulidaby is available on vinyl and digital formats from Nyege Nyege Tapes.

Fragile Thoughts – Broken Strings & Empty Hearts

Dreamy and melancholic music from Poland. Fragile Thoughts is one Krzysztof Mlynczak who is the guitarist of Give Up To Failure and Aviaries. There are three tracks here which mixes ambient and post-rock, together with a touch of classical music. Would You Stay? is haunting and simply beautiful.

Broken Strings & Empty Hearts is available digitally from the artist.

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