Tele Novella – Merlynn Belle

Texans Tele Novella release their new album Merlynn Belle today. The band have been around for a few years now although this is their first new music since 2016’s House of Souls long-player. The band (and label Kill Rock Stars) have released a succession of entertaining videos to support the album’s release.

The band are now a duo of comprising of Natalie Ribbons (ex Agent Ribbons) and Jason Chronis (ex Belaire/Voxtrot). Their sound is a blend of many styles including 1970s folk, Twee, Circus/Cabret music, Baroque pop, 1960s Girl bands and of course a bit of indiepop too. Ribbons’ voice is extremely powerful and works well with the dreamy and sometimes melodramatic instrumental accompaniments. It’s certainly a unique sound in many aspects.

Merlynn Belle is out now on Kill Rock Stars in vinyl, CD and digital formats. You can order direct from the label or via Bandcamp.


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