The Midweek Sampler

Half way through the week and it’s December already. Another 10 tracks and not a Christmas song in sight.

Here is the Playlist:

or listen on YouTube

And here are the individual tracks/info:

Lucie,Too – Shiwa No Tane

Taken from the Japanese band’s forthcoming album Fool that is due for release on December 8th 2021 via Thistime Records.

Spool – She’s Like a Bluemoon

She’s Like a Bluemoon is the new single from the Tokyo based dreampop band. They mix it up with croon and swoon!

Delivery – Personal Effects

Another post-punk groover from Melbourne’s Delivery building upon June’s Yes We Do EP. Out now on Spoilsport Records.

Terra Pines – Harp On

Harp On is the second single off the forthcoming album Downbeats which is due for release early next year.

Weedipus – All The Things

All The Things is taken from the band’s new EP Demos II. A melodic track far removed from the fuzz pop adrenalin of previous single Husky that also appears here. The track allows us to glimpse another side to the band. The EP is out now on CD and digital formats from the band.

Pale Blue Eyes – TV Flicker

Totnes based Pale Blue Eyes return with a another fine track and a worthy successor to January’s Motionless. TV Flicker blends kosmische, post-punk and indiepop. If you suffer from visual stimulation effects I would skip the video if I was you and play the track on full blast instead.

Liiek – Object/Constructed

Two tracks taken from the Berlin post-punk outfit’s forthcoming new album Deep Pore. The band have that classic Fire Engines sound and do it so much better than Franz Ferdinand ever could. Pre-order from here.

Plastic Estate – Divinely Impaired

Divinely Impaired is taken from the bands forthcoming coming self titled album that is due for release in February next year. It has a nice 1980s retro sound that sounds a bit like if Aztec Camera were a synth-pop band. You can pre-order the album from Avant Records.

Beach Youth – Love Yourself (Médaille Remix)

Beach Youth see five tracks taken from last year’s Postcard album get the remix treatment. I cannot say most of the five work but Love Yourself sounds great in the hands of Médaille. Postcard From Friends is available digitally from Music From The Masses.

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