The Francine Odysseys – What If We Were Wrong

The debut EP from Los Angeles based The Francine Odysseys is a delightful twee/indiepop/bedroom pop/jangle pop/dream pop (delete or combine as appropriate) EP.

Opener Hide Your Eyes is simply amazing and is the kind of song Labrador Records and other Swedish labels put out in their heyday, reminding me of the likes of The Charade. Silver Lake slows things down – is that some spaghetti western guitar I hear around the camp fire? Carry Me Home is the sort of catchy and melodic folky indiepop that The Hermit Crabs used to provide and the females vocals shine on this one being as heartfelt as they are. Round & Round is a remix of the song they released in January and for some reason I want to swirl until I get giddy and fall over. Subliminal or what?

There is a lot of different sounds and emphatic lyrics on this one. Beautiful and engaging. And no The Francine Odysseys – you were not wrong at all!


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