Records I Like Mix April 2020 #1

Well, I think March musically was one of the busiest months for a while for obvious reasons. I have listened too more than usual. The Bandcamp revenue waiving fundraiser saw plenty of additions to my collection too. So much so that April’s Mix is spread over two parts. Here is part one. Enjoy!

Full Tracklisting

Ferri-Chrome – Glad To See You

Songs like Asteroid and Glad to See You are two of the finest songs I have heard this side of lock down

Marcos y Molduras – Un Nuevo Ano

Starting off gently it features harmonious boy/girl vocals and these vocals remain intact as the guitars threaten to turn into a fuzz pop explosion.

The Hannah Barberas – Foreign Ways

What I like about The Hannah Barberas is that they are not afraid to speak (sing) their minds. They discard the lovey-dovey image indiepop sometimes presents and their lyrics betray the twee influences behind their music.

Arista Fiera – Tu Familia

…it’s a fine slice of female fronted indiepop with fuzzy guitars and obscured synths.

The Radio Dept. – You Fear the Wrong Thing Baby

“new single ….. You Fear the Wrong Thing Baby ….. sees the band moving back into familiar territory”

Adults – Armadillo

Taken from the split release with Bitch Hunt which is out now on For The Sake Of Tapes.

Flyying Colours – Goodtimes

Taken from the recent single release and preview of the forthcoming album Fantasy Country which will be released via Poison City Records.

Candace – DM-100

Candace hope to release their second album later this year via Little Cloud Records – present circumstances permitting of course. DM-100 is the first single to be lifted from the album.

Peach Gardens – Wintry

If ethereal, shimmering, reverb laden shoegaze/dreampop is your thing then this one should be at the stop of your shopping list.

Even As We Speak – Forgiving

Forgiving is the first single to be lifted from said album and it is, as you would expect from the band, to be a lovely twee/c86 inspired slab of pop music.

Winona Dryver – The Perks of Being Pearly Dewdrops

The songs are a mixture of fuzzpop, indiepop and indie rock

Beach Vacation – Mustang

The band include amongst their influences “Craft Spells, The Radio Dept., Pia Fraus, New Order, Joy Division and every Swedish pop band” which should give you some idea of their sound.

Violet Hours – Alone with Everyone

A long aborted single from the band that would later become Desperate Journalist. It’s been released as part of the Music For Gloves project by Pretty Olivia Records.

The Francine Odysseys – Hide Your Eyes

Opener Hide Your Eyes is simply amazing and is the kind of song Labrador Records and other Swedish labels put out in their heyday, reminding me of the likes of The Charade.

Origan – Launchpad

Taken from the debut Amour De Zoulette EP which will be released via Greek label Melotron Recordings later this month.

Happy Spendy – Fresh Air

The music is delightful and are in contrast to the sombre words.

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