Something For The Weekend? Three From Around The World

This weeks pack of three features three acts from various parts of the globe.

Well Whale – Diana

Our first step is in Indonesia. Diana is the third single from Bandung’s Well Whale and it’s jangling female fronted indie pop with twee overtures. Again it’s influences are from the past but delivered bang up to date. Grab it here.


Fox In The Garden – Sunny Boy

Now we are in Mumbai, India where the lovely named Fox In The Garden are about to release their debut EP Sunny Boy. There are two tracks currently available for streaming. Getting By mixes a bit of indie dance (baggy!) with indie rock whilst Goa merges numerous styles over the course of it’s almost seven minute passage. Interesting stuff. The EP is released this weekend and can be purchased from here.

Peach Gardens – Peach Gardens EP

Our final stop today is in Moscow and the self titled debut EP from Peach Gardens. If ethereal, shimmering, reverb laden shoegaze/dreampop is your thing then this one should be at the stop of your shopping list. It’s beautiful stuff none more so on the sublime Wintry. You can get this one from here.

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