Records I Like Mix April 2020 #2

As promised last weekend here is the second part of April’s mix. Given I have spread it over two hour long mixes I still have missed out some excellent tracks from Feb/March. Er a third mix perhaps!?

Full Tracklisting:

Mirrorlakes – Faded Town

It’s a moody track mixing alternative rock and folk rock reminding me of the likes of Red House Painters and Mojave 3.

Lebend – Chasing Ghosts

The vocals, whilst prominent, become secondary to my attention as both guitars and synths produce reflections in sound at various points of the song.

Tvartom – Jarkytys

Helsinki’s Tvärtom follow up last Septembers self titled EP with another fine slice of jangling and melodic indiepop.

bdrmm – Happy

The label describes Happy as “Just Like Heaven’ meets the first DIIV album” and whilst I am not sure about that it’s a great jangling alt-rock/dreampop track

Aiko El Grupo – A Mi Ys Me Iba Mal De Antes

The debut single out now on Elefant Records.

Thud – North Acton

Its a shimmering shoegaze track with some lovely accompanying synthesizers which must be ripe for a remix!

FOG – Nocturne

Both the guitars and vocals are delicate although the former sometimes deliver a burst of energy shattering the gentleness of the song.

Mo Dotti – Inverted Skies

It’s hard not to sigh with the feelings of desolation the song brings. Mesmerising.

Loveblind – Goodbyes Without Goodbye (Adoration Destroyed Remix)

Remix of the latest single which is out now on Saint Marie Records.

Nectar – Fishy

It’s a blistering (no pun intended!) alt rock/noise pop track with guitars and vocals that echoes to the sounds of the 1990’s over the course of it’s 92 seconds.

Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls – Careful Is My Middle Name

The new single from the wonderfully named Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls is a telling example of indiepop.

Phosphene – Spiral

The second single from the forthcoming album by Phosphene has just been released. It’s called Spiral and features the words that give that album it’s title, being Lotus Eaters.

Sustains – Game

Taken from the current EP Sick Ones which is out now.

The Drain On The Balcony – Truly Deeply Madly

Punky indie pop with swirling synths and deadpan vocals get a big thumbs up from me.

The Leave Me Alones – Stop You

Closing track Stop You is my pick of the bunch being as catchy as anything I have heard recently. My type of pop music in one.

Well Whale – Diana

Diana is the third single from Bandung’s Well Whale and it’s jangling female fronted indie pop with twee overtures. Again it’s influences are from the past but delivered bang up to date.

VIM – Sea

The songs swirl like no tomorrow and closing ones eyes they present hazy, shady and mottled imagery.

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