The Post Ear Infection Catch Up Post #2

And the catch up continues. Thankfully this lot are not a pain in the ear!

Swedish indie veterans Easy will soon be releasing their new album titled Radical Innocence via A Turntable Friend Records on 24th April 2020. The first single to be lifted from the album is Crystal Waves and listening to this you have to say the band’s sound is timeless and this track could easily come from any of their albums from the past thirty years. You can get it from here.

Lake Ruth will be releasing a new EP on Kleine Untergrund Schalplatten this coming Friday. It’s called Crying Everyone Else’s Tears and the lyrics have been penned by songwriter Renee Tamraz with the band arranging and performing these songs of heartbreak. The bands sound mixes indie, baroque and space age pop to great effect. One for fans of Broadcast and Stereolab. Pre-order from here. European buyers may find copies via the label’s discog page.

The Drain On The Balcony have been around for donkeys – well they first appeared in 1977. They have a new single coming out on Greek label Old Bad Habits Label next month and a bit of a corker it is too. Punky indie pop with swirling synths and deadpan vocals get a big thumbs up from me. It will be available on 7″ vinyl and digital formats. Pre-order from here.

Indie legends The Flatmates, who have links with The Drain On The Balcony in the shape of organ player Rocker, release their latest album next week. Self titled it’s available via said Rockers own Local Underground label in CD and digital formats. It even has a Subway Organisation catalogue number for old times sake! It features recent 7″ tracks culled from a number of labels as well as a different version of Trust Me. Dig out your old (or new considering they are sold literally everywhere) Ramones t-shirt and play very loud. Pre-order here.

Japanese band Tip Top Nap released a new digital single over the weekend. ことばの花 (Flowers of Words) is ethereal dreampop and is beautiful as the singles cover. The cherry blossoms are coming out on 春のなかへ (Spring is Almost Here) which picks up the pace erring on the side of alt-rock. You can get this one from here.

Christchurch based PGX have released their debut EP in the shape of Naive. It’s full of fun, fuzzy lo-fi tracks that flirt with indiepop and post-punk whilst the shared vocals cross between the spoken and the poetic. There is also a tribute to Peter Gutteridge who was a member of The Clean and The Chills and is also credited with pioneering the Dunedin sound. Naive is available on cassette and digital formats via Melted Ice Cream.

Pure Violet released their first new song for almost two years back in January. It’s called Nostalgia and is an indie/synth pop hybrid not too dissimilar to what Red Sleeping Beauty have been doing the past couple of years. However, that statement should not deflect from the fact that this is a flippin’ good track in it’s own right. Grab it from here.

Sleep Overload are a new dreampop/shoegaze band from Sakhalin Oblast, Russia. Painter is their debut release if Bandcamp is anything to go by and it’s a dreamy track with hushed female vocals and sounds that come across like flashes of light. It gets nice in a fuzzy/noisy sort of way as the guitars play out. Promising stuff and is yours for a dollar from here.

Manchester’s The Electric Lovehandles roll into town with their Back From The Dead EP . Whilst I am the first to admit this not my usual fare it’s an enjoyable romp none the less. The four powerpop songs contained within are effective and catchy thanks to the combination of the relentless guitars coupled with the attention grabbing vocals. Plus they have a drummer named after my hometown so what’s not to like. The Back From The Dead EP is available digitally from here.

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