The Post (Punk) Ear Infection Catch Up Post #3

Quite a lot of post-punk has been bookmarked this year without too much of a mention on these pages. Time to rectify that.

Das Funus come from one of my favourite cities (Prague) and they released two tracks in February. These are their first recordings for a few years. The band’s sound is darkwave with an epic Gothic tinge. Bože Odpověz errs on the edge of midnight whilst the slower paced Staré Domy highlights the female vocals which I am always a sucker for. Stream and/or buy from here.

Brussels’ (yep another fave) based Ultra Sunn aim for the post-punk dance floors with their second track The Shadows. Mixing coldave and EBM it’s a dark and extremely danceable. It’s available here.

Instanbul based (nope – not been there!) Merry’s Funeral have been around for a few years now but I have not heard of them before. They have a compilation of non album singles from 2016 to date out at present and it covers traditional guitar based post-punk (or what you would imagine that to be) to coldwave. Vanished In Veins and My Servant Clown are my picks of the punch and it’s available digitally from the band.

Lisbon (another tick from me) based and capital letters fans IAMTHESHADOW will be releasing their new album later this year. Pitchblack is the first single to be lifted from it and is another synth driven affair complete with the trademark dark and deadpan Gothic vocals. A definite one for post-punk/goth clubs. It’s backed with an exclusive non album track Sweeping The Light. Pitchblack is out now on Cold Transmission Music.

London’s (err that’s enough) Night Pain have released their first set of songs on this their debut and self titled EP. No synths here as the band’s music errs on the nosier side of the genre courtesy of the vibrating guitar sound and sometimes a shouty vocal or two. Imagine The Fall crossed with The Fire Engines and you have a starting point. I also hear hint of the Ron Johnson back catalogue too. A great start and the EP is available from here on a pay what you want basis.

Seattle based Hallows will be releasing their debut EP Subtle early next month. I have been playing the title track for a few weeks now and now another preview track has been made available in the shape of The Call // Ravenous. Both tracks are dark and gloomy darkwave songs backed with pulsating bass lines. The sound of darkness, of being alone. You can pre-order it digitally from the band and there will also be a cassette release via Phage Tapes at some point.

I am sure I have featured Salt Lake City based Glume before but a search proves fruitless. Maybe it was on a mix somewhere. When people say post-punk Joy Division is a band that always springs to mind and that is certainly the case on Drown which takes a lot of inspiration from said band. Drown is available from here.

Dutch band Clan Of Xymox are legends on the post-punk scene and rightly so. Only Ronny Moorings remains from the original line up but the band still produces quality electronic based post-punk. The new single She is their first for 11 years but they have had released a number of albums in that time. It’s a mix of synthpop/coldwave and is bundled with a number of remixes with Cure tinged Ash Code Remix being the standout. She is out now on Metropolis Records.

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