The Post Ear Infection Catch Up Post #1

So after suffering from a horrendous ear infection for the past few days (hey, what do you mean that explains my music choices?) I have been catching up with bookmarks and my inbox.

Pale Lights have a new 7″ single due for release via Slumberland Records on April 24th 2020. It’s called You and I being a fine piece of guitar led indiepop with some lovely trumpet thrown in for good measure. If you have not heard them before a couple of pointers would be The Go-Betweens and Lloyd Cole & The Commotions. You can pre-order the single from here.

Australians Fragile Animals are back with a new track in the shape of Only Until It’s Over. Is it me or do they sound a bit rockier on this one? The guitars still swirl around with unabashed abandon but they have a harder feel to them this time around. Regardless of that they still suit Victoria Jenkins voice down to a tee. You can get this one from here.

With a band name like Pop At Summer and a song title of Sunny Day Parade I will guess most people will fathom how the new track from these Indonesian indie popppers will pan out. Another clue is that the song is about falling in love for the first time? It’s so sugary sweet that I will need to pay my dentist a visit. Twee as Fu.. er I mean Strawberry Story. Lovely stuff…. Get it here.

South Korea’s Say Sue Me (The Otoboke Beaver gig the other week was not the same without them) have released two new versions of Good For Some Reason which was originally released back in 2017. And what a glorious single it was too. So are the two new versions any cop? The Winter version slows the pace right down and turns the song into a subtle laid back affair. The Spring version is a poppier effort which you can imagine singing along too but, unless I am missing something obvious, I really cannot see what the point of these two new versions actually is. Still if you want a copy don’t let me stop you and you can get it digitally from the band’s label Damnably.

Melbourne’s Go Get Mum release their second EP later this month on Meritorio Records. It’s called Ok Now What and features five tracks with two available for streaming at time of writing. The EP is about “encompassing the stuff that comes with big life changes and decisions” and the two aforementioned tracks are fine examples of jangling indie rock. They remind me of a few things but you are going to have to listen to them to find out what I mean! Pre-order the EP from here.

Also from Melbourne and also due out on Meritorio Records, as well as Australian Label The Lost And Lonesome Recording Co, is the second album from Girlatones. It’s called Horn If You’re Honky, a title which would have caused much mirth in the 1970’s Hackney I grew up in. The album features 10 tracks but I have only streamed the lead single Respond To Love which is a delightful sub two minute garage/bubblegum pop hybrid. You can pre-order the album from here or, for those down under, from here.

Elefant Records bravely connect La Última Vez, which is the new single from Nevver, to that of Felt’s thirty five year old song Primitive Painters. To be fair the collaborator on this single Valdivia does have something of Elizabeth Fraser about her vocals and musically it does float between Felt and the Cocteaus. It’s backed with No Disponible and is available in a range of digital formats from the label.

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