The Friday Round Up

For those unaware Bandcamp are running a Covid-19 fundraiser today which seems them waiving their revenue share so that all monies go directly to supporting the artists. You can read about that here. If you can buy just one release that would help the artists concerned and the fundraiser lasts until Midnight Pacific Time tonight (7am in the UK). Onto the round up.

It’s been two years since we last from Dunedin’s Astro Children. On new single Milk the band move away from their alt-rock/shoegazing roots and instead is a vibrant alternative pop song. Well worth the wait and it’s available from here.

The second single from the forthcoming album by Phosphene has just been released. It’s called Spiral and features the words that give that album it’s title, being Lotus Eaters. It’s a sparkling dreampop track but with bittersweet lyrics. It’s available digitally from here.

The Jeanines have released an acoustic EP featuring five tracks that originally on last years self titled debut album. Whilst they are pleasant enough they miss the intensity of the full versions for me. Still head over here to stream/download.

Today sees the release of the new single from The Radio Dept. It’s called You Fear the Wrong Thing Baby and sees the band moving back into familiar territory after exploring the folkish side of things on their previous single The Absence of Birds. It’s backed with a radio edit and can be purchased in digital formats from here.

I, despite listening to them for a couple of years now, have never mentioned Leicester’s Dayflower on this blog despite sticking tracks in the odd mix or two. Let’s put an end to that now by mentioning their new five track EP Popping Candy. It mixes elements of Brit pop, 1960’s sunshine pop, electronica and dream pop resulting in a right pick ‘n’ mix. Or should that be pop ‘n’ mix? The Popping Candy is available from here on a pay what you want basis.

The new single from the wonderfully named Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls is a telling example of indiepop. Titled Careful Is My Middle Name it’s a lively track featuring some nice vocals and guitars. You can get it from here.

Spanish band Marcos y Molduras can do no wrong in my eyes. Or should that be ears? New single Un Nuevo Año demonstrates why I love them so much. Starting off gently it features harmonious boy/girl vocals and these vocals remain intact as the guitars threaten to turn into a fuzz pop explosion. Beguiling as ever. Un Nuevo Año is available from is out now via Discos De Kirlian.

I have been meaning to mention the debut album from Indonesian outfit The Sensitive for a while now. Entitled World Is Evil it features a mix of indiepop and post-punk. Of the nine tracks here seven are originals whilst the other two are covers of The Wake and Go Kart Mozart. The guitars are jangling whilst the words are cutting. It’s very retro sounding in places. For now it’s available digitally but a CDR is planned on Dismantled soon.

Staying in Indonesia Yogyakarta based Winona Dryver recently released their debut EP. Called it First Echo Solution it features the recent single The Perks of Being Pearly Dewdrops alongside four other tracks. The songs are a mixture of fuzzpop, indiepop and indie rock and I like the joy Division style opening on Blue Strange. It’s available from the possibly related/unrelated label Winona Tapes.

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