The Friday Round Up

For those unaware Bandcamp are running a Covid-19 fundraiser today which seems them waiving their revenue share so that all monies go directly to supporting the artists. You can read about that here. If you can buy just one release that would help the artists concerned and the fundraiser lasts until Midnight Pacific Time tonight (7am in the UK). Onto the round up. It’s been two years since we last from Dunedin’s Astro Children. On new single Milk the band move away from their alt-rock/shoegazing roots and instead is a vibrant alternative pop song. Well worth the wait and it’s … Continue reading The Friday Round Up

Jeanines – Been In The Dark

New York’s Jeanines will be releasing a new 7″ EP on London based label Where It’s At Is Where You Are or WIAIWYA for short. Titled Things Change it features four tracks including the taster track Been In The Dark. It follows the pattern of last years self titled debut album and fuses post-punk (Dolly Mixture, Television Personalities) with indiepop from both sides of the pond (Shop Assistants, Black Tambourine, Talulah Gosh, Aislers Set etc). Things Change will be released on March 6th 2020 and will be available on 7″ vinyl and digital formats. Pre-order from here. The band also … Continue reading Jeanines – Been In The Dark

Jeanines – Jeanines

The self titled debut album by Jeanines takes me back to the years of my youth circa early/mid 1980s. It takes me back to the times I eagerly waited for fanzines, flexi-discs and records to drop through my door or the weekly trip to pick up the music press to excitably scour for even more things to spend my hard-earned pennies on. Not to mention the countless trips to the record shop! So much on this fantastic record reminds me of those days. The DIY ethos, the very short songs, the artwork with a distant church, the 1960s influenced tunes … Continue reading Jeanines – Jeanines

Jeanines – Either Way

New York’s Jeanines grabbed our attention this time last year with a couple of demos and the wonderful Hits The Bone which betrayed all of their indiepop influences. They have since signed with Slumberland Records and will be releasing their debut self titled album in June. Either Way is the albums opening track and it suggests that some great things are coming our way. Sounding like Tallulah Gosh and the American bands they influenced (The Aislers Set/The Frenchmen) it is indiepop perfection. Roll on June…… Facebook Continue reading Jeanines – Either Way

Jeanines – Demos

Two short but promising tracks from New York’s jeanines that manage to pack more in their one and a bit minutes than some of the other tracks I have been listening too recently which last 2-3 times as long. The singer sounds like a young Aggi from The Pastels (or on Buba & The Shop Assistants debut) and that may suggest to you that this is indiepop which sounds like it came from Scotland between 1983-1986. Well you would be right. I am getting impatient to hear more from this lot – more so than waiting for the next season … Continue reading Jeanines – Demos