Jeanines – Jeanines

The self titled debut album by Jeanines takes me back to the years of my youth circa early/mid 1980s. It takes me back to the times I eagerly waited for fanzines, flexi-discs and records to drop through my door or the weekly trip to pick up the music press to excitably scour for even more things to spend my hard-earned pennies on. Not to mention the countless trips to the record shop!

So much on this fantastic record reminds me of those days. The DIY ethos, the very short songs, the artwork with a distant church, the 1960s influenced tunes alongside the odd shambling one which includes a cover of The Siddeleys’ Falling Off Of My Feet Again. They also pay homage to those American bands that were inspired by C86 and UK indie, post-punk or otherwise. So whether it’s The Flatmates or The Frenchman that tickle your fancy or The Shop Assistants or Black Tambourine that float your boat you definitely need to pick this one up pronto.

Jeanines is out now on Slumberland Records. Order direct from the label although I suspect not many of the first pressing coloured vinyl copies are left.


2 thoughts on “Jeanines – Jeanines

  1. I got this upon release. Definitely worth it. And yes, definitely tugs on the nostalgia for that jangle pop.

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