The Records I Like Mix July 2019

A new mix compiling tracks from the past month or so. Plenty of C86 influenced music this time alongside the usual mix of shoegaze, janglepop and alt-rock.

Full Tracklisting:

Death Of Heather – Mind
It’s a song that features slow simmering guitars that echo profoundly alongside hushed vocals which sing of someone who isn’t out of mind but yet isn’t here or there.

The Proctors – Letters To The Girl
And what a belter we have on our hands, well ears! Jangling guitars, catchy boy/girl vocals and a melody to die for.

Holy Now – It Will All End In Tears
It’s a song characterized by splendour that just keeps improving on each listen.

Lebend- By Your Side
Bouncing new (debut?) single from Spanish band Lebend.

Marcos Y Molduras – La De Parks
La De Parks…… one of those short, fuzzy indiepop tracks I love so much. The gentle build up, female vocals and then vibrant but lo-fi punk-pop guitars and percussion kicking in.

FRITZ – Jan 1
It’s catchy, poppy and a bit noisy, being the sort of tune that should have you bopping around like no one’s business.

L I P S – In Summer
Falmouth’s Lips produce another fine moment on the harmonious In Summer. The rhythmical guitars and the vocals of Rachel Anstis, which range from the evangelical to the haunting, once again seals the deal.

Sicayda – Go On
Opening with some ethereal, almost lost, vocals complete with pounding percussion and swirling guitars there is only going to be one winner on Go On.

Captain Scrunchie – Shooting Straight
Taken from their demo EP which is out now.

Skytone – Here and Now
A catchy indiepop/dreampop song from Canadian’s Skytone.

Kimi No Youni Ikiretara – (I’m) Waiting For The Sun
Of the seven songs here it’s hard to pick a favourite. However, the fuzzy opener Virgin Suicides and the dream pop explosion of (I’m) Waiting For The Sun are currently on heavy rotation.

Sungaze – Washed Away
And I almost was, both by the weather and this track which just literally washes all over you. It’s a lovely song that fuses 70s rock, shoegaze and dreamy psychedelia to great effect!

The Earth Earth – Story Is Wrong
Is it me or does Story Is Wrong by Japanese band The Earth Earth sound like it could have been taken from one of Ride’s first three EPs? After listening to this track I feel 30 years of musical history going by in a flash!

Space On The Ceiling – Rails
Or in their native Russian Рельсы by Космос на потолке. The current single which is out now.

Terry vs. Tori – Chambré
On Chambré Terry vs. Tori once again demonstrate that they are the leading light for indiepop in 2019.

Azure Blue – Event Horizon
I bet given its soaring melodies it will be one of the album highlights – if not the highlight of course! Vibrant yet dark.

Capitol – Blondie
Blondie still has that retro feel as misshapen vocals collide with twisted melodic guitars that ring out throughout. The clever lyrics remind me of the writing of Lloyd Cole, Matt Johnson and Edwyn Collins.

Jeanines – Why
So much on this fantastic record reminds me of those days. The DIY ethos, the very short songs, the artwork with a distant church, the 1960s influenced tunes alongside the odd shambling one……..

Seablite – Heart Mountain
Taken from the most excellent Grass Stains and Novocaine album which is out now on Emotional Response Records.

Tampopo – She Blows It!
Sounding like The Monochrome Set, The Loft, Television Personalities and 14 Iced Bears (check out She Blows It! for that last reference)

Las Densas – Termina
That said tracks like Cambie and Termina should not be discounted and I imagine if Stereolab sang in Spanish and recorded for Elefant Records they would sound somewhat similar.

Lorelei – I Am a Road
I guess any band who may have well taken their name from a Cocteau Twins song is always going to sound this dreamy.

Carino – La Bajona
The new single out now on Elefant Records.

Anajunno – Salud Temporal
It’s the dreampop I prefer and the “poppier” the better. Both Burn The House and Salud temporal are cases in point.

The Blue Herons (feat. Krissy Vanderwoude)- The Way You Look At Me
Being naturally miserable such happy songs like this generally make me want to gag but even this despondent old sod has a smile spread across his face!

Alice Hubble – Goddess
The new single taken from the forthcoming album Polarlichter which will be released on happy Robots Records in September.

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