Red Sleeping Beauty – Tonight EP

Red Sleeping Beauty lift Tonight as a single (are there any more tracks left on Stockholm?) and it’s another example of a pleasing pop track with joint vocals and synths that echo throughout. Mind you second track Someone Somewhere should have been the single. It’s melodies are as catchy as a dose of the catchiest flu and the vocals continue to delight as the song progresses.

The band get back to their original indiepop roots with a cover of Emma’s House originally by the Field Mice. Starting of in a sedate manner it slowly morphs into a piece of eletronica. The final track is a remix of Falling Out Of Love which originally appeared on last year’s Always On Your Side EP. The original track was a bouncing synth pop track but here, in it’s Four-on-the-Floor Version, it has been given a change of pace as the beats per minute rise dramatically as it aims for the floors of your local indie dance club.

2019 has been a good year for Red Sleeping Beauty. It has just got better.

The Tonight EP is out now in CD and digital formats via Matinee Recordings or direct from the band themselves.


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