Still Dreams – Live With Excuse

Live with Excuse is taken from Still Dreams forthcoming mini-album Make Believe.

It’s the second single released on Elefant Records for the Minoh based act. As is their usual way Elefant quote a range of acts in their press release such as “if Phil Spector of the XXI century had made a beyond perfect pop album with Blondie” or “a reformulation of My Bloody Valentine’s universe through synthesizers”. However, at the end of the day, it’s a lovely piece or synth-pop no more, no less.

The flip side Telepathy is interesting and sounds like an extensive rework of New Orders Bizarre Love Triangle with Gillian Gilbert reprising her The Other Two role on vocals. Hmm. Maybe I should ask Elefant Records for a job writing their press releases!!!

Live With Excuse is available digitally from Elefant Records.


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