Midweek Catch Up

Australian indiepop outfit Egoism have a new single out. Titled You You it’s about “someone in my life causing me a lot of pain and I wrote this when I was finally trying to get away”. Despite the pain it’s catchy and, empathy aside, I wish some break ups in my life had been as tuneful as this. Get it from here.

Bedroom Poppers Wake In June released a new song last week. It’s called Light Phaser and it’s full of those melodies and hooks we have learnt to enjoy so well. There are also some new swirling noises thrown in alongside handclaps for good measure. Er set phasers on stun! Grab it from here on a pay what you want basis.

Japanese punks Otoboke Beaver release a new single, no doubt in preparation for their tour this month and I will see you at the Scala on the 23rd of this month. They sound more poppier than usual on I Am Not Maternal but it’s still great fun. Out now on Damnably. Check the tour dates here.

Los Angeles based Film School have a new digital single out at the mo’. Titled Swim it features two tracks in the form of Is This A Hotel? and Don’t You Ever. They certainly don’t pigeonhole themselves and flit with post-punk, shoegaze and alt-rock across the two songs. Get it from here.

Portuguese post-punks Soreness follow last October’s Nothing/Saturation single with two more tracks of dark wave influenced music. They still sound like Joy Divsion in places – well a lot of places on Harvest if I am honest. I am not sure if F.U.N is supposed to sound as it does. Maybe it’s intentional as the synths and the industrial side of the band get more of an airing. Enjoyable enough despite the gloom. Get it from here.

One thought on “Midweek Catch Up

  1. So glad I clicked on this! I can’t believe I’ve never heard Otoboke Beaver’s music before today. I absolutely love the expressiveness and punk energy they bring to the vocals of “I Am Not Maternal.” Really looking forward to digging into some of their older music! ❤️❤️❤️

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