Wake In June – Crush These Bars & More

It’s been a busy few days on Bandcamp for Wake In June who are currently in lockdown in their native Padua. First up is the new single Crush These Bars which jangles around the confused words. You can get this one from here. Next up is their contribution to the Z Tapes compilation Hope For European Bedrooms which is a fundraiser for, as the name suggests European based bedroom pop artists. The track is called Same Fear and I like the programming and the shimmering sounds on this one especially as the song reaches it’s conclusion. Hope For European Bedrooms … Continue reading Wake In June – Crush These Bars & More

Midweek Catch Up

Australian indiepop outfit Egoism have a new single out. Titled You You it’s about “someone in my life causing me a lot of pain and I wrote this when I was finally trying to get away”. Despite the pain it’s catchy and, empathy aside, I wish some break ups in my life had been as tuneful as this. Get it from here. Bedroom Poppers Wake In June released a new song last week. It’s called Light Phaser and it’s full of those melodies and hooks we have learnt to enjoy so well. There are also some new swirling noises thrown … Continue reading Midweek Catch Up

Wake In June – OBE // OBE

Italian one man indiepop/bedroom pop band, and regulars on the stereo at Records I Like, Wake In June have a new single out. Entitled OBE // OBE it’s an indiepop track that features the now trademark jangling guitar sound which leads from the front relegating the obscured vocals to the back. The lyrics are a puzzle just like the gaming theme that runs through the song. Insert more coins now ……. Instagram Continue reading Wake In June – OBE // OBE

Wake In June (feat Reason Light) – Space Cadet

Padua based Wake In June (Enrico Pastore) have teamed up with Malaga’s Reason Light (Manè Lòpez) in a show of European unity. Well that of the indiepop kind that is! With both on writing duties I expected the song to veer between both artists musical styles but it actually sounds more like a Wake In June Track. However, given that this is a rework of a Wake In June demo that should be no surprise. Space Cadet is a dreamy, jangling pop song with the addition of synths, whistling and echoing background vocals demonstrating how good DIY bedroom pop can … Continue reading Wake In June (feat Reason Light) – Space Cadet

Taking it one track at a time

Rei Clone – Lavender Lavender is the third single to be lifted from the forthcoming album Greetings From Somewhere. It’s more noise from these Texan shoegazers and this track reminds me a bit of early Lush. Roll on that album. Facebook The Reds, Pinks & Purples – Dead End Days (demo) Is there any more I can add about the The Reds, Pinks & Purples in addition to what I have written about them already? I thought not so I will let the music speak for itself and to be fair it’s doing a damn fine job! Noxantes – Fingers​-​Crossed … Continue reading Taking it one track at a time

Wake In June – Jejune/DP​/​DR

Wake In June is 20 year old Italian based Enrico Pastore. These two tracks are taken from the forthcoming 1998 EP consisting of jangling guitars and laid back vocals. I can only describe them both as blissful, dreamy indiepop indiepop to erm,chill out too! It’s promising stuff and enough to make me take a listen to the two releases that were released earlier this year. EDIT: The whole EP can be previewed on Soundcloud. Continue reading Wake In June – Jejune/DP​/​DR