Sernard Bumner – Sernard Bumner

Sernard Bumner is the moniker Enrico, aka Wake In June, is using for his synthpop project. Ignoring the pretty awful name (a pun on the name of New Order’s frontman) there are some interesting sounds on this one.

Given that he is based in Padua it’s no surprise that there is an Italo disco influence (well it was good enough for Blue Monday) and the Europop/Disco sound is prevalent on the opening track, the suitably named Italoboi. The second track Tipo ’88 has an enjoyable retro feel thanks to the electro beats and spoken, sometimes mechanical, sampled words.

I am not sure if the EP is meant to be an attempt at urine extraction as the concept is about a time traveller saving the world from an alien virus. Even if it is Buchannon is an excellent track and it’s Arthur Baker influenced beats are well worth a listen.

I have to confess that I have not understood the popular retro wave/gaming soundtrack sound beloved by many on Bandcamp and Karatekidd doesn’t make a case for selling it to me further. But that’s the only downside for me here. Closing track 二のボイ is an example of when something works well then it becomes a treat for your ears. I like a lot found on this EP and I hope it’s not a one-off – regardless of that name of course.


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