Something For The Weekend? Three New Singles

This weeks pack of three features three just released singles.

Death Of Heather – Hard To Cure

Hard To Cure has been lifted from the band’s forthcoming debut album. It’s a rather fine shoegazing track and is typical of the quality we have come to expect from this Bangkok based band. The noisy guitars are a delight! Roll on that album.


Spunsugar – Belladonna

The band’s label describe Belladonna as “a Shoegaze pop tune about suicide you can dance”. Which is nice. Whilst the song is upbeat the subject matter obviously isn’t and the song discusses whether suicidal thoughts are hereditary or if they are a result of a bout of depression. I can actually emphasize with these lyrics based on past experiences and the fact the song is damn good is just a sideshow. We get to hear all three band members singing at the same time too. The bands new album Drive​-​Through Chapel is out early next month.


Bathe Alone – Curbside

Taken from their forthcoming debut album Last Looks Curbside is a heady mix of loud, fuzzy guitars accompanied by preternatural and casually sung vocals. I like the way the stripped back drums sound like they are programmed but actually are not. Unlike the band’s previous material Curbside has not grabbed me a 100% and I think a few more plays of this bedroom pop/alternative rock track may well be in order.


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