Red Cavalry – Give Me a Sign

Red Cavalry is a new name on me. They write that they are a folk-rock band who split their time between Germany (Bavaria) and Wales. They released an album last year entitled No Music but Class Music but given it’s not on Bandcamp it passed me by. However, it is on Spotify which is a platform I barely use these days. That said I came across reviews of Give Me a Sign on a couple of blogs I read and pressed play. Normally I ignore recommendations because I listen to enough music as it is but I am glad I did as this is an enjoyable slice of summery 1960s pop and 1980s indiepop. Lovely melodies, harmonious vocals and jangling guitars. It’s all one needs at the end of the day innit?

The single only seems to be available on streaming platforms and lossy music stores although I noticed it’s currently a free download on Soundcloud as is the previous single Red House.


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