The Bank Holiday Sunday Sixpack

bdrmm – Gush

bdrmm have released the best track, well my favourite, from their recent album Bedroom as a single. Jangling guitars and atmospheric electronica create a track with a haunting melody with vocals to match. It’s one of those tracks open to interpretation and hopefully, a remix will follow. If you have the album no need to grab this but if you don’t it’s a recommended purchase.


Bobsled Team – You’re so Cool

The second single from Belfast based Bobsled Team builds up their credentials as 1990s revivalists even further. Mixing the sounds of shoegaze with 4AD’s American acts we get guitar riffs and dreamy vocals resulting in a sound fully revitalised for 21st-century ears.


Centauros – Fantasía

I really enjoyed this short and sweet indiepop track from Barcelona’s Centauros. It’s only when I translated the info from Spanish to English that I discovered it was a cover version. Not only do the band curtail the length of the original they also provide a contrast to it’s pop beats and distorted vocals. Fantasía is out now on El Genio Equivocado.


Soot Sprite – It’s Summer and I Don’t Feel Like Smiling

Exeter’s Soot Sprite take elements of alternative rock and dream pop combining them to good effect. The folkish-tinged vocals of Elise Cook are dominant but the percussion gives them a run for their money. It’s Summer and I Don’t Feel Like Smiling is not my usual fayre but it’s an enjoyable romp none the less. Great title and cover art too!


Buddhist Bubblegum – Fellini

The second single from Slovenian band Buddhist Bubblegum is to my ears a vast improvement to their first. Mixing up the psychedelic sounds of the 1960s with 1980s indie it results in a magical pop burst of bubblegum meets baroque pop. My ears have been rectified fully!


The Bats – Warwick

Legendary New Zealand band The Bats, who have been performing with the same line up since late 1982, release a new album titled Foothills in November. It’s been preceded by the single Warwick which sounds just like the erm, The Bats! Almost forty years on the Dunedin sound is still going strong in the band’s safe and brilliant hands. Foothills can be pre-ordered from Flying Nun Records.


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