Aggi – Aggi Hates You (Completely)

Aggi were a band from Bekasi, Indonesia and consisted of Rega (vocal/tambourine), Yanu (guitar/vocal), Mamet (bass/vocal) and Tyo (drums). Between 2013 and 2016 they released two EPs, one single and one split EP with Saturday Night Karaoke. Why am I mentioning this? Well it’s because Jigsaw Records have just released a compilation of the band’s output.

The label compares them to the likes of Tiger Trap, Henry’s Dress and Aislers Set to name but a few. Of 2016s The Pains of Being Stupid at Heart single I wrote that “Aggi deliver two slices of C86 tinged pop on their farewell release that will find favour with fans of Subway, Sarah and beyond not discounting a nod towards more recent luminaries. Not original but fun and that sometimes means so much more”.

Listening to this compilation I still stand by that as well as getting those aforementioned references from the label. However from a composite viewpoint I think they also sound like Bubblegum Splash and the Rosehips especially towards the end of their recording career. The tracks come thick and fast. Only two of these ten (yep that was their full output) noisy and fuzzy tracks surpass 1m40s with Television Personalities, Punk Boy Meets Punk Girl So What, Indie Rock and The Pains Of Being Stupid At Heart being the standouts for me.

It’s sad that short-lived bands are sometimes forgotten so kudos to Jigsaw for putting this (just over) fifteen minute blast out. As that saying goes it was fun while it lasted. How about adding it was also fun when it was rediscovered too?

Aggi Hates You (Completely) is out on CD and digital formats from the label.


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