Big Baby – String Of Pearls

Big Baby follow up 2017’s Sour Patch EP with a new EP entitled Fizzy Cola which is due for release later this week. Fuzzy Cola may have been a more appropriate name because taster track String Of Pearls is full of edgy, noisy guitar whilst the voice of Ali Mislowsky draws the listener in even further. Fizzy Cola will be released on cassette via French label Hidden Bay Records and the EP is also available digitally from the band. A CD release on Jigsaw Records is also in the offering. Facebook Continue reading Big Baby – String Of Pearls

A Certain Smile – Cherry Bomb

If you want vintage sounding, C86 inspired indiepop then A Certain Smile will be right up your street. Cherry Bomb is loud and fuzzy in just the way pop music should be. The sound has been revived before of course. The label mentions The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (well maybe they meant the early stuff when they mimicked the Lazy era My Bloody Valentine) but POBPAH have long faded out of earshot. A Certain Smile give to spirit to such a sound as previously demonstrated on 2017s excellent Fits & Starts. Thankfully they have, based on this track, … Continue reading A Certain Smile – Cherry Bomb

Cattle – Slow Sailor EP

Upbeat, catchy and totally fun indiepop from Tokyo’s Cattle on their second EP. I just don’t get the label’s shoegaze or dream pop references as this EP sounds like good old fashioned indiepop. I would go as far as saying it sounds like Strawberry Story to these ears right down to the singer’s vocals. And that’s including the cover of Ride’s Twisterella. Maybe Cattle’s Made of Stone moment? Anyway there are five tracks here and it’s Within Your Reach that is the EP’s standout moment for me. It’s noisy pop perfection. Cattle? They are clamming for it……….. Out now on … Continue reading Cattle – Slow Sailor EP

Amida – Boring Birth

Amida have been plugging away for a few years now with their excellent singles and live shows. They have finally released their debut album and despite the fact it contains 13 tracks it’s all over just over the half hour mark. Now that’s my type of album. Excellent jangling and melodic indiepop invoking everyone from The Chills to the Wedding Present. It’s out now on Jigsaw Records or buy digitally from the band. Facebook Continue reading Amida – Boring Birth

Thee AHs – Corey’s Coathangers

Canadian indiepoppers Thee AHs have their third album Corey’s Coathangers last month. The band, who describe themselves as playing “black bubblegum indiepop”, are coming over to these shores this coming summer which may entail me going to indietracks for the first time in a few years. Oh back to the album – it’s ace! Corey’s Coathangers is out now on CD (Jigsaw Records) , Cassette (Birdtapes) or digital formats. EDIT: They play London on July 31st. Homepage Facebook Continue reading Thee AHs – Corey’s Coathangers