Swimming Pools And Movie Stars – Modern Architecture

I am not sure if it is just me but I have noticed that more and more acts seem to be influenced by New Order’s Brotherhood album and to a lesser extent their Low Life one too. Crystal Eyes are one and Los Angeles based Swimming Pools And Movie Stars are another.

Primarily it’s the guitar work that is influenced by those albums with the odd synth melody too. Tracks like Someone Like You, Zac & Zoe, Live Away and I Dig You being evidenced examples. But that’s not all. Vocally there is resemblance with Mary Chain’s Jim Reid whilst in another twist, elements of shoegaze creeps in. Okay it’s not the most original album I have listened too but it is certainly one of the most enjoyable I have heard for a while – I could play it All Day Long (pun intended).

The fact that I played it all the way through without interruption speaks volumes given my love for the 45 rather than the 33! If you like the bands/genre referenced here then I will guarantee you will like this one.

Modern Architecture is out now via Jigsaw Records and direct from the band.

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