A Bunch of Five

Let’s start the week off with a knuckle sandwich!

Spotlight Kid – Arc

Nottingham’s Spotlight Kid mentioned recently that release of their next album was delayed. Because of that they have released Arc which they write “is a track formed from a simple loop and expanded into a gliding mesh of dreampop meets The Cure.” That saved me a job as I couldn’t have put it better myself.


UV-TV – Always Something (Demos)

An EP containing three demos that eventually became the tracks we like so much, being found on last year’s Always Something album. It’s always interesting to hear songs in another form and I have to say I prefer the version of Superabound here!


Arts & Letters – Asleep

Firstly Caleb Carr changed a song title and now he has gone the whole hog, changing the name of the band meaning English Summer are now Arts & Letters. Thankfully the sound remains the same and the chiming guitars signal the early Creation influences are here to stay as they jangle away to Carr’s content. Asleep is the title track of the forthcoming debut album. Well let’s not be hasty about that and say it is for now!


Stephen’s Shore – Carefree Tyme

I must admit the notion of a lead single from a 4-track EP bemuses me. But the second single? Na – leave it out! That said Carefree Tyme is typical Stephen’s Shore – jangling guitars updating a retro indiepop sound whether it’s from the 1980s or from the 2000s when Labrador Records was king. Let’s hope they don’t release the other two tracks before April 15th 2022 which is when the Green EP is due for release or we will have nothing left to look forward too.


Low Key Crush – Night Time

Night Time is the lead single from a yet as untitled EP (oh er!) that is due for release in November 2022 from this Australian two piece. It’s a well crafted pop tune that the Australians seem to get oh so right.

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