Star Party – Meadow Flower

If a band ever needs to get into my affections they should say that they are influenced by The Shop Assistants and they are over half way there. I am not sure if the other 50 percent should be that they sound like them too but Seattle’s Star Party manage that anyway on their debut album Meadow Flower.

The songs blend into each other in a mix of punk inspired noise and indiepop. There is no quarter given as I am transported back to the early/mid 1980s and a world of fanzines, flexi discs and raw sounding songs. Tracks like Living A Lie, Push You Aside, Shot Down and No Excuse maintain a furious high tempo as guitars and percussion clash whilst the female vocals manage to keep pace – just in some cases! They do the laidback gentle song too. Meadow Flowers could easily be their Somewhere In China.

But it’s not just the Shoppies. The album should also appeal to fans of a Subway Organization era Rosehips, their label mates Bubblegum Splash and Black Tambourine over the course of it’s eighteen minutes. Time for another spin methinks.

Meadow Flower is out now via Tough Love (UK/EUR) and Feel It Records (US)

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